Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm between 500 and 600 times per year?

This may be a shocking number to some, especially considering that the rules they put into place basically rule what SEO services and tools are most effective! If it changes so often, how can you be sure that your website is search engine optimized?

Luckily, the main SEO services that you can utilize when building a website don’t get significantly changed with each update.

Keep reading as we explore the key SEO tactics that you’ll need to use to stay on top of Google’s algorithm and put your website on the front page of search results. 

Effective Headings and Titles

These may sound like they are the same thing if you’re not very familiar with web page code, but they take up different parts of your content.

The title is placed at the head of your HTML documents, and it is what tells Google what the page or content is actually going to be about. It has to include the primary keyword you want to rank for and be engaging enough for people to click on it.

Your headings are part of the code that your users will see within the text.

For example, ‘Effective Headings and Titles’ is an example of a heading here. ‘Understanding What the Best SEO Services for Your Business Are’ is this blog’s title. SEO consulting services can help you figure out what works best for your titles and headings. 

Keyword Research

Your target keywords help you align the content you make with what users want. You want to make sure that what you put on your website is clickable and answers the questions that anyone doing a search will ask.

Since searchers use keywords to find pages they want, being meaningful with your keywords is very important.

The primary keyword is the high-level keyword (or keywords) that you want to target. Try to fit the primary keyword into your introduction, at least one heading, your title, your meta description, and within the conclusion of the content (if applicable). You should also have secondary keywords and supporting language throughout your content.

An affordable SEO service company can help you get this keyword research done so that it applies specifically to the market you want to reach.

Optimized Images

Your images being the smallest size possible will help your pages load faster, which is a good thing. People don’t want to wait around for a website to load, and if yours takes too long, they will likely click back to the results page to try one of your competitor’s sites instead.

Make sure that you develop the images to look their best when they are in these small sizes. 

You also have to consider Google’s algorithm here, as slow-loading pages or unappealing pages impact user experience, which is something Google looks at when ranking for search engine optimization

Use the Most Effective SEO Services for Your Business 

While these aren’t the only professional SEO services out there, they are some of the most important if your goal is getting more organic traffic to your site. In order to appear higher on Google’s search results, you need to make sure that each of these areas is given attention on your website.

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