There’s no doubt that link building is still vital to the success of SEO, but there’s also no doubt that links can also be done wrong and get you in trouble. So, when you do try to buy a link building package in India, there are some vital things for you to look for. 

Watch For High-Quality Links

You don’t want to be paying for links in any form if they aren’t high quality. 

So, look out for companies that offer packages that don’t even mention high quality links. Ideally, they should go a step further and mention that their links are high domain authority. 

Domain authority is a metric that helps measure trust and authority of a given website. This is calculated by looking into things like how many links a website has, the quality of these links and the age of the website.

When you link to a high domain authority website, you’re going to burrow some of their trust and authority and this will help make links high quality (alongside other things like great content, naturally placed links and more). 

The Size of The Packages

Link building packages come in pretty much infinite shapes and sizes. Some offer more links than others, some offer different types of links than others. When you’re looking for a great package, it’s important to align these things in a meaningful manner.

To do this, understand what it is that you need and be realistic. Do you really need the top tier of link building, is your company even the right size to warrant this? Do your goals align with the package you’re looking at? 

The more you ask yourself which package is right for you the more likely you are to find one that’s just the right size. Remember, you can always scale up as needed. 

The Cost of The Package

You would think the cost of the link building package would be higher up the list. Although it is something to consider, you should always opt away from the cheapest option, as this usually gives you the worst results. Instead, look for good value for money. What are you getting in return for your investment, is it high enough to justify the cost and can you afford it? How flexible is your budget? Would you prefer to start off small and see how it goes? 

The Turnaround Time Matters 

Some link building packages are just naturally going to take longer than others to deliver you the results you want. So, try your best to choose one with a turnaround time that works for your needs. 

However, this being said, link building isn’t a fast process (especially if you want high quality links). The links require keyword research, content needs to be written, high domain authority websites need to be reached out to, and everything needs to be quality assured before things go live. This is just for one link, now imagine if you want twenty per month. 

The general time frame can be anything from two to four weeks, and if the agency promises faster than this, it’s too good to be true and a sign that the agency is cutting corners. 

Perfect Link Building Can Help

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