Every successful blogger shares a common secret. They made blogging mistakes in the past.

If you’re starting a new blog in 2022, knowing these blogging mistakes can lead to a successful blog outcome. In this article, we are going to discuss these mistakes and ways to avoid them to create a successful blog.

Why Do Blogs Don’t Succeed?

Starting a blog on the right foot can save you a lot of time, skills, and effort. It can also lessen the times that you may have missed some blogging stints.

Some bloggers fail because they don’t realize that blogs need time, effort, and dedication. Others don’t succeed because they fail to identify their target audience.

What are the Most Common Blogging Mistakes that Bloggers Do?

Do you know that an estimated 409 million users read 20 million blog pages monthly? This is the reason why 53% of marketers use blogs as their main content marketing technique. And yes, blogs are relevant in 2022.

For these reasons, you need to ensure that you’re writing high-quality blogs. Blogs are effective ways to connect to your target audience. To connect effectively, you need to relate to them at a personal level.

Here are the most common mistakes that bloggers and ways to avoid them:

Mistake 1: Missing your persona.

Knowing and understanding your audience’s persona is one of the main goals of your blog. Your blogs must resonate with your audience to encourage them to take action.

Define your persona including their pain points and goals. To avoid this issue, always write for your target audience.

Mistake 2: You write blogs to serve your personal or business goals.

One mistake that bloggers make is thinking only about what they want to share with their audience. You need to offer what your audience wants to learn from you. Align your business goals with your blog.

Mistake 3: Writing a boring and stiff blog.

One mistake that bloggers make is writing blogs that are difficult to read. Your readers will leave if they find your blogs boring and difficult to understand.

Avoid hard language and tone. Make sure that it’s interesting by adding images, videos, or infographics.

Mistake 4: Using the wrong WordPress Theme.

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for blogging. Using the wrong theme is an ingredient for a failed blog.

Some themes have widgets that make your blog load slow. The wrong theme can also make it difficult for you to customize your content and how your blog looks. Choose the best theme that provides ease of use, flexibility, and customization.

Mistake # 5: Picking the wrong niche for your blog.

If you’re starting your blog, choose a niche that interests you the most. It’s because you’ll have a topic that interests you that will enable you to consistently write about it.

Make sure to brainstorm before starting your first blog. Write down your interests and choose the best one that resonates with you.


Everyone makes mistakes in blogging. Whether you are an amateur or a professional blogger.

Continue to evolve as a blogger and take these mistakes as lessons to improve your blogs. With this article, you should be able to create your own blog with confidence.

This should serve as a guide to head in the right direction. Follow these tips to avoid committing the blogging mistakes that most beginners do.