Sales teams have adopted several tools globally to revamp the process of onboarding new clients. Email and social media marketing have been around for quite some time now. However, if you feel like these are not helping you and your sales team achieve needed targets, it is time to up your game. 

Sales video creation is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity. The pandemic has led to a steep drop in in-person selling. Remote selling is a concept that has bridged this gap, and it is here to stay. Employing an omni-channel approach is crucial to achieving sales success in modern times. 

Why should you adopt using videos?

People are consuming more content than ever today. People are wired to do business with people. Physical face-to-face interaction plays a huge role in deciding the outcome of meetings and deals. 

It makes more sense now than ever to start creating sales videos to reach out to potential customers and establish the feeling of personal connection. There are multiple ways by which sales videos can help you. 

  • Enables you to create personalisation over digital mediums
  • Provides insight into the individuality of the sales representative and makes it feel like a human connection
  • Helps inculcate trust
  • Boosts the open rate of emails
  • Helps rank higher on social media algorithms, inclusive of LinkedIn, which is an essential platform for all businesses
  • Senior executives prefer video content over reading text data

The types of videos

There are namely two routes when it comes to sales video creation.

Asynchronous video communication

In this method, sales reps create a personalised video recorded using their smartphones or computers. It is used for one-on-one communication, and the content recorded in the video is ideally meant for a targeted individual. 

Synchronous video communication

In this method, online conferencing platforms are used. There is a much more expansive range of members involved in these meetings. The sales rep is usually in conversation with multiple parties such as existing customers, prospective clients, and associates. 

When employing the asynchronous method, the sales rep usually has all the needed tools and can create the perfect personalised message to target potential clients. This method has proven to be more effective in reaching a more significant number of prospects. It is key to initiating many sales conversations that lead to successful deals. 

Where can you use sales videos in your business process pipeline?

Sales videos are versatile. You can integrate them right through the outreach process until the deal’s closure. 


When reaching out to potential clients, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. Videos help you achieve the same. Most companies are still using other standard methods like SMS and email marketing. 

Your sales executive can provide an introduction to himself and explain the product and its features effectively via a video. 


During the initial stages of conversation, videos will help your sales rep connect deeper with prospects. Reminders and follow-up data are conveyed via video messages. This provides the edge needed to capture the business. 


When deals are closed, the proposal is usually shared as a document via email. You can go a step above and record a video that explains every point of the proposal and also talks about the way ahead. 

In addition, recording a video wherein you thank the client for their interest and investment in the business helps boost the personal connection over technology. During the handover process, it is beneficial to record a video introducing all the team members of the customer success team. It is always advisable to put a name to the face to boost healthy business. 


Sales have evolved to a great extent over the years. With the advancement of technology, our dependence has increased as well. In such a situation, mastering the art of video creation makes you more authentic. 

It allows businesses to create engaging, sincere, and concise videos that help lay the foundation of their relationship with clients.