The average professional receives 120 emails a day that they must read and respond to. Then, they check their personal email on their own time or at home. Since everyone gets so many emails already, your emails have to stand out to get noticed. 

Before sending customers emails about your business, they need to sign up through something like an opt-in email. Your opt-in email must be well written to convince your audience to receive more of your emails in their inbox.

So how do you write an opt-in email that converts? Read on to learn some effective opt-in email strategies that will turn your audience into leads.

Why Do You Need a Strong Opt-in Email? 

Nobody wants to receive emails they didn’t sign up for. If you buy an email list rather than building one organically, your emails could end up in spam folders. When people opt-in, they are more likely to open your emails and respond to your offers. 

To run a successful email marketing campaign, your emails have to be valuable to your customers. Your opt-in email needs to convince them that your emails are worth receiving in their inboxes. A solid opt-in email increases your chances of turning a lead into a customer. 

Include a Compelling Offer

You have to give your audience an incentive to sign up for your emails. So, offer them something free in exchange for subscribing. Coupons, gifts, or helpful content are common incentives you can use. 

Whatever you offer, it has to be valuable to your customers. If they feel your offer isn’t worth it, the rest of your email marketing could be impacted. But by providing an offer, your audience will be more inclined to reciprocate by subscribing and making a purchase. 

Create a Sense of FOMO

Now that you have an offer in your email, you can help motivate people to sign up by making the offer time-sensitive. A time-sensitive offer creates a sense of urgency in your audience and makes them more likely to sign up so they don’t miss out. 

Include a Motivating Call to Action

Your email copy and offer should make it clear what your audience can expect when they sign up for your emails. Once you show what value you offer, your call to action tells your audience the next step to get more value. A direct, action-oriented CTA can take your audience from on the fence to subscribing. 

Incorporate Your Privacy Policy

When someone signs up for your email list, they expect you will keep any information about them private. So, make your privacy policy clear in your email opt-in. As a result, they will feel more comfortable about providing their email. 

Personalize Your Opt-in Email

One way to make your opt-in emails more personal is by segmenting your email list. Then, you can create an offer and call to action that matches your audience’s interest. As a result, you can provide your leads with the most valuable content, making them more likely to sign up. 

Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

A well-written opt-in email will help you build a relationship with your customers and make them look forward to your next email. To write an excellent opt-in email, you must make it clear to your audience what value your company offers to motivate them to sign up. You can incorporate other strategies like personalization and offers to illustrate this value. 

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