STACY Hirano

Stacy is the famous character from the show we all have  watched at some point in our childhood : Phineas & Ferb. She is often referred to as frineds of Phineas’s sister. She always acts like she’s excited about everything. Her age is 15 in the show same as the rest of the other kids. Her ethnicity is Japanese – American and she was born during summer. Her mother is called as Dr. Hirano and she also has a sister named Ginger. She also has a boyfriend called as Coltrane but actually ends up marrying someone else. Candace named her “Stace” when she was five years old and still calls her that. Candace and Stacy are absolute best friends. Whenever Candace is down for busting their brothers secrets to their mom, Stacy is always ready to help her. Stacy herself does not have any problem with Phineas and ferb doing all that stuff but still helps Candace.


Every character in this show has their own set on unique clothes that they wear. Stacy’s outfit is a teal wrap t shirt which suits her beautifully. Below she wears a blue colored skirt and her socks are also blue and reach the height of her knees. Her shoes are black Mary Jane shoes. To add on to her cuteness, Stacy wears a blue bow on her head which matches her skirt’s color. Candace says its a trademark look. But the bow is actually sitting on a hair band. Her other trade mark is that she wears a bracelet on her left wrist, the bracelet has five circles. Her skin color is light, not too vibrant but light. Her hair is straight and long, is black in color. The color of her eyes are brown.

STACY Hirano


Candace : They both are literally the best of friends. They are very often seen to hangout together, either outside, or in her room, or talking to each other with cell phones. Candace wants Jeremy and Stacy truly her. Stacy has no interest in Jeremy herself. She also helps Candace to help Phineas and Ferb get caught.

Phineas & Ferb : Stacy is quite friendly with these two. She always treats them in a good way and aids them too in their other activities like building tree house etc.

Coltrane : She first meets this boy Coltrane in Jeremy’s band. He plays bass in the band. They both got along well as time went on and showed mutual attention to each other. They both are portrayed the same way Candace and Jeremy are shown.

Dr Hirano : She is her mother and a doctor. Her mother also removed Isabella’s tonsils one time. She does not allow her to go to the Tiny cowboy concert with Candace because her mom thinks Candace is immature.


  • Her name in Japanese is Suteishi Hirano.
  • She once cleaned up her room with only her bare feet.
  • People misspell her name as Stacey.
  • She knows about Perry’s secret.


“He’s not only out of your league, but also out of your reach.”

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