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Memes are a very popular social media trend which was started in the early 2010s as the usage of different types of funny templates and humour generating captions written over the images. Since then this meme culture is profoundly becoming bigger and better as many topics are taken for the satires which are then made into memes and get shared in the community. One such popular meme trend was on the Fish memes and now let us know more details about it in brief.

Meme Origins: Fish

There is no particular origin of the fish memes as there is no specific template or specific fish used for the memes. There are thousands of fish memes which are being shared in the social media and there are hundreds of varieties in the fishes which are used. Fish are mouthless creatures and eaten in large numbers all around the world, hence there are many thoughts and ideas which need funnier expressions which these creatures give and therefore they end up as memes.

Meme Backhistory: Fish

Fish are aquatic animals which have gills to breathe oxygen through the water. Mostly the gills are situated on either sides of the fish and the fish opens the mouth to inhale water. Whenever the mouth of the fish is opened, the fish gives a funny expression which differs from each variety of fish. That is how the fish went onto become a meme trend as the expression resembles the shouting or screaming feature. Many of the memes on fish consist of conversations between different breeds and varieties of fishes as they want to assert dominance under the sea. The funniest of images and sarcastic of texts are used to generate humour content through these memes.

Meme Popularity: Fish

Fish memes have crazy fandom as there are thousands of memes all over the social media with more than hundreds of different fishes, hence that signifies the craze and fandom behind these memes. The popularity of fish is hugely due to the funny expression and the satirical, humorous theme carried through these memes as how it would look if the fishes had conversation. The funny expressions of the fishes are also the prime factor for such popularity as the fishes knowingly or unknowingly give such funny expressions that instantly becomes a meme material.

Fish Meme

Meme Impact

Fish are aquatic, mouthless and non-terrestrial animals hence whatever people do on land doesn’t matter to them. Moreover the expressions given by fishes which are caught are given in fear of no breathable air for the fishes as they don’t have lungs. Yes, there is fair bit of controversy behind the killing of animals and fishes but that is part of food chain otherwise fishes would be in so huge numbers that all the smaller fishes and plants left in the sea would diminish, therefore it is the nature of Earth to take care of such living organisms through food chains and other threats like humans. The impact for these memes is fairly sarcastic and humorous without any misuse or defaming of any targeted audience as these memes were made for laughs and people laugh without poking or offending anyone.

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