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Memes are generally funny texts written as captions on funny images which are taken mostly from real life incidents, movie clips, random videos which have the main character’s funny expression which mostly end up as a meme trend, as it is quite popular on social media. One such highly popular funny expression meme was of Megamind who gave one such expression which ended up as a meme trend for more than half a year. Let us know the origins and backhistory of the Megamind about who he is, and why he ended up as a meme template.

Meme Origins: Megamind

Megamind is a fictional character who is also the main antagonist from the 2010 animated film   produced by DreamWorks which is a Superhero genre comedy film. The meme originated from this film’s antagonist character ‘Megamind’, as he gives a very suspicious expression in the film by bending his bith eyebrows in sad fashion and keeping his mouth in downward to signify the sadness he wants to look at us. That expression was instantly popular and later got hugely popular. Afterwards, various meme templates were taken from him where he gives various expressions but the suspicious one was the most popular one.

Meme Back History: Megamind

Megamind is a fictional animated superhero film which was released in 2010 and produced by DreamWorks. The animated film was also released in 3d format under the direction of Tom McGrath which amassed more than $320 million in box office. The animated film was a huge hit and very popular among the crowd. The meme started circulating in 2013 as the reddit user shared the screenshot of the exact moment of that suspicious look of Megamind and it went viral within a few weeks. The animated film was a huge hit and the popularity for the meme was also marginally higher as the funny expression by Megamind was not the only thing hit as memes but many other expressions were also popular throughout the meme trend of Megamind.

Meme Popularity: Megamind

 The popularity of Megamind memes are immensely popular due to the funny expressions Megamind character gives throughout the film. The suspicious expression of Megamind is most widely reached and is used over the social media to give the suspicious look onto something through that meme. All the memes were made with a simple, humourous theme and the sarcasm element has been highlighted throughout the meme trend. Hence, there is no significant amount of controversy behind this meme trend and moreover it was fictional character, therefore, there is no possibility of anyone being offended by so many memes.

Megamind Meme

Meme Impact

Megamind’s character is purely fictitious and it is an animated film, hence there was never a case of any defamation or overuse of any celebrity’s image and moreover the memes were never intended to offend anyone or hurt any target audience. Therefore, the impact was very positive, and the memes were taken in good sarcasm and humorous tone. People loved this meme and made it viral for more than 6 months as the concept, the simplicity of usage and cler sarcastic tone of the memes was highlighted.

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