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Simp Memes: Introduction

Listen I will agree, that sometimes All I want is to be cuddled, and you know what? That is completely acceptable in 2022. That makes me a pathetic useless little simp, which I’m okay with because it means I get to participate in a TikTok trend, which is eventually my ultimate goal in life. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the waters of Simp memes.

Try not to get too attached to these witty Simp memes

Acknowledging your partner makes you a simp in 2022. That is correct. You’ve joined simp country if you praise them or hold the door open for them. Memes can sometimes become reality, and yelling simp at your friends seems to be the new reality.

Simp Memes


  1. Is Ferb a jerk?

Ah, a mash-up of memes as well as Phineas and Ferb. Classic. Squirrels in my trousers have taken on a whole new definition. Do you value women? You’re the simp king.
Male: respects woman

  • The Shadow Side

The very first principle of simp Nation is to never reveal the truth to your gamer friends. If you do, your lightsaber will be destroyed and you will have lost an arm. Be wary of Simp Nation detractors!

  • Cast your ballot for Shrek.

Shrek might be one of our childhood’s biggest simps. Fighting a dragon while drinking a potion to switch humans? He went to such lengths for his partner. We’re all covertly Shrek fans. Shrek, you are the simp king!

  • Simp lizard

This is cute, but it is an automatic open invite to Simp Nation. Mr. and Mrs. Lizard, I’m sorry… you’re both simps. Where can we find somebody to support us as we sleep?

Male Lizard holding up his partner so she can take a quick nap.

  • Look for Jessica.

Perhaps Tinder is not really the best place for you, sir. Jessica isn’t interested in you and obviously doesn’t want to be a rock. Is your firm, Jessica Inc., also on LinkedIn? More simps may wish to apply.

  • Google autofill is a breeze.

You despise it when girls die? Simp. You despise it when women cry? Simp. There is no getting around it! Even Google is a dummy, as are you. Simply accept it.

  • Simp Lil

Billie Eilish isn’t a fan of simping. You were the first to hear it. Lil Pump’s proposal to the substitute musician was rejected, and he is now officially a simp. Congratulations!

  • Simpson Family

Son of Homer Simps. Matt Groening’s creation is nothing more than a handful of simps. Who knew that a beloved animated series could become the mascots of the Simpsons?

  • Google… once more?

Google’s International Women’s Day theme is well-known, but what about International Men’s Day? Google has once again demonstrated that they are simping around the clock.

  1.  Friendship zone

Ouch, the friend zone stinks, and you appear to be a member. Sometimes you just can’t get out of the friend zone and will always be an unrequited simp.

Me: Spends my entire savings to get my crush a gift
Crush: Wow, this is great. That’s why you are my best friend

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