While bringing a puppy into the family can be a magical experience, people forget just how much work they can be and everything a puppy requires in order to have a happy and healthy life.

Recent reports from The Dogs Trust revealed that there has been a 35% increase in calls related to giving up dogs due to people reconsidering owning a pet as their circumstances change post-lockdown.

So before you decide to take the plunge in getting a puppy this Christmas, here are a few important things to consider first.

Do you have time for a puppy?

You may be thinking “of course I do!”,but when we say “time” we mean really being prepared to put the hours of work into nurturing your pup. And this doesn’t just include the sleepless nights and toilet training – but also being there for them 24/7.

Banner specialist instantprint surveyed a thousand UK workers and it comes as no surprise that, since the pandemic, 45% of respondents would prefer flexible working hours, with a third requesting flexible working locations alongside this. This is especially relevant to pet care, as one of the most important factors to consider is your working circumstances. Can you work remotely to care for your puppy from home?

Consider whether you need to travel abroad for work a lot – flying with a pet brings all kinds of new challenges and expenses that you will have to take into account.

Where to find your new puppy

If this is your first pet for your family, you may find it difficult knowing where to start your puppy search. The first thing to decide is what breed you’d like. Be sure to do thorough research into finding one that you feel will integrate best with your family because each dog breed differs hugely in terms of personality traits.

The next big question is to decide if you’d like to get your pup from a local breederor from a rehoming kennel. There are thousands of homeless puppies around the UK, so if you’re interested in giving an abandoned puppy a new life, check online for kennels near you.

Can you afford apuppy?

There are several costs you need to be able to keep up if you’re considering getting a puppy. From ongoing costs such as pet insurance and dog foodto general costs such as toys, bedding, and harnesses – it can all quickly add up!

If you travel a lot for work or like to goaway on holiday several times a year, you must also take into account the cost of kennel fees.



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