Pet owners have a massive responsibility to make sure that their pets are happy and healthy. This means taking care of their nutrition, hygiene, and mental health. If you are a dog owner, you know how vital your bonding time with your pup is.

Dogs are the most common type of pet in Australia, but not many know how to treat them the right way. Communication with your puppy is essential. To do this, you need to follow some routines. Seeking help from services offering dog training in Sydney, Melbourne, or other areas of Australia is a good idea.

You must understand these before adopting the new member of the family. Here are a few ways to bond with your dog better.

Grooming and Hygiene

Grooming and hygiene are necessary for keeping the fleas off your canine friend. It can also be a great bonding activity between the two of you. Massaging your dog and brushing their coat makes them feel good, but there is a right way to do it.

Not all dog breeds are alike, and their maintenance varies depending on that. Also, their diet is crucial in maintaining the lustre of the coat.

Also, hygiene is extremely crucial in arid weather, like Australia’s. You have to spare a lot of time grooming your dog as much as you spend on self-grooming.

Play With Your Dog

The importance of this activity cannot be emphasised enough. Dogs are very interactive creatures, and they require human interaction throughout their lives. When you play with a puppy, it helps the youngling develop self-defence abilities and soft bites.

Taking them to the beach or on a long drive is an excellent way to spend some quality time together when they get older. In fact, if your dog has been demonstrating some behavioural issues, taking some time to play with them can solve it.

Consider the Rescue Factor

When you get them, your dog will require some training, irrespective of their age. However, this becomes even more vital if you adopt a dog from the shelter. Chances are, the dog will have an intense connection to its rescuer, in this case, you!

Many times, dogs are abandoned and have bad experiences. This can lead to unnecessary aggression and destructive behaviour. Getting them trained is an excellent way to create routines, boundaries and dependability. You will find many services for dog training in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and other areas. 

Learn About Dogs

Being with a dog is a constant learning process. Their behaviour will rapidly change as they age. So, there are no hard and fast rules to this. The key is to enjoy the process and adapt through trial and error.

From setting house rules to going on a trip with your dog, spending each moment can become memorable with your puppy. Remember it will also learn from you, and you need to be as invested as your canine buddy.

Be Patient

Last but not least, you must be patient and consistent in building and nurturing your bond with your four-legged friend. When you bring a dog to your home for the first time, you will have to give it some time to adjust. It is a whole new environment for him.

So, being patient and playful is the key to a better companionship that you both will enjoy in the long run.


In the end, it can be said that investing time and effort in building a bond with your dog is definitely worthwhile. It may take some time, but once that bond is created, it will remain unbreakable as long as your dog lives.

So, you can get started on applying these methods to replenish your bond today.

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