A perfect state of health means that you are mentally and physically fit. The same applies to canines as their physical state is not the only thing to look out for.

This is something that every canine owner should understand especially because of the increase in canine mental health complications. Speaking of mental health complications in dogs, this can manifest itself in various ways but some are more common than others.

The reason this is possible is that dogs have emotions. Although their emotional range is not as wide as humans, they can show some emotional signs. Curiosity, sadness, anger, envy, confusion, joy, surprise, disgust, and love are just a few of the emotions your dog can exhibit. For more on this subject, you can seethis article.

Anxiety-related problems are some of the most common canine mental health complications and we will shed more light on this here. We will end by stressing how CBD treats can play a crucial role in curbing and treating these unpleasant issues in our canine companions. We advise that every dog owner, parent, guardian, and even dog lover to keep reading considering this article’s relevance.

Common Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

You should know that every dog will have to deal with anxiety at some point in their lives. However, it is just supposed to be a phase that will pass away eventually. The problem is if it becomes something that stays.

Also, you should know that some canine breeds are more susceptible to these mental complications than others. This is because of their behavioral tendencies and genetic makeup at large. Having established this, here are some known reasons why our canine companions end up with anxiety problems:


Ever heard of separation anxiety?

Well, you should know that it is not just something that affects canines as it also affects humans (especially kids). However, the symptoms are somewhat different in canines.

Separation anxiety is a mental health complication that gains a foothold when the dog feels lonely, abandoned, and bored. Such dogs begin to exhibit some unpleasant behaviors. They can become very violent and destructive for instance. 


Just as with humans, our canine companions can exhibit signs ofanxiety when they are afraid or worried about something. Several situations can frighten your dog and cause it to worry.

Strange and new environments; visual stimuli such as umbrellas and hats; loud noises such as knock-outs and fireworks; car rides; the veterinarian’s office, and several other situations can trigger a feeling of anxiety associated with fear and worry.

Frankly, there is a very long list of things that make your dog fearful which can trigger a feeling of anxiety. For more information about this, you can visit: https://www.thesprucepets.com/common-dog-fears-and-phobias-1117897


Here is one more way in which human beings and canines are similar. It is considering how the body system begins to experience some forms of decline as we age. This is especially true if lifestyle choices are not geared towards addressing the situations.

The cartilage begins to wear out and this could lead to arthritis in both creatures for instance. In this context, you should understand that there is an increased chance of dogs ending up with CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome) as they begin to age.

The implication is that their perception, awareness, learning ability, and memory begin to experience a decline. Anxiety set in as a result. For those asking about the similarities between canines and humans in this context, the situation is likened to what aging humans have to deal with in the early stages of Alzheimer disease.

Some Unpleasant Signs of Anxiety-Related Complicationsin Canines

Several signs suggest your canine companion is battling one form of anxiety-related complication or the other. They include the following:

Destructive Behavior

This is especially true if your canine companion has separation anxiety in its very severe state. But this is not the only anxiety-related complication that has this symptom.

Excessive Barking

Dogs bark as a way of raising awareness and communicating in certain situations. However, there may be cause for alarm if yours is just doing it without reason. It could suggest your canine companion is battling an anxiety-related problem.


Asides from losing their cool, such dogs lose or hide whatever social skills they use to have. They keep to themselves and do not brim with life as they once did.

Pacing and Restlessness

They also show apparent signs of restlessness by pacing for just no reason. You should take the right measures if you notice your canine companion is constantly doing this. These are not the only signs as there are more. Other signs to look out for include:

  • Defecating and urinating in inappropriate ways as opposed to their training
  • Eating their poop
  • Drooling
  • Aggressiveness and violence
  • Compulsive and repetitive behaviors

Crucial Role of CBD Treats in Curbing and Treating Anxiety-Related Problems in Canines

There are many approaches to curbing and treating these mental health complications in dogs. However, the best approach is a mix of many things.

Concerned pet parents should employ the right training, medication (with the consent of their veterinarian), and tactics that prevent the problem. However, they need to also engage in some short-term solutions as many of the options above provide results in the long term.

Speaking of short-term solutions, you should know that CBD treats can play a very crucial role. For one, this is because dogs love treats but this one happens to have therapeutic features that can cure your dog very quickly.

One of the things you would notice is how it makes your canine companion a lot more calm and stress-free. These are just a bit of the positive things that CBD treats offer your dog. You can visit this CBD company page to learn more about what CBD treats have to offer.


Dogs have emotions and this means that they can end up with anxiety-related complications. This is why canine owners, parents, guardians, trainers, and even lovers need to know about signs that suggest this.

It is against this backdrop that this article has shed light on subjects that center on this. We have also discussed how the appropriate use of CBD treats can help curb and/or cure the complications and advise that you make the most of this information.

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