Whether you like a simple nude look or be all glam, basic makeup essentials are a must in a woman’s bag. Keeping them handy means you can quickly get ready and achieve no-fuss touch-ups.

Whether it is a mineral blush or lipstick, each component has its value. Through this article, you understand the top basic essential makeup items that you must have at all times. Of course, you can mix and match with them as well!


Concealer is a type of makeup item that you might have on at almost all times of the day. In such a case, having a caky one will only make things worse for you.

It would be best to try to find a creamy formula that helps hide those under-eye circles and the blemishes on your face.


Foundation is one among the essential parts of any makeup routine, whether it is elaborate or basic. The point is not to slather it all on your face; instead, apply it in the places where you see discolouration or uneven skin tone.

Moreover, if you do not need the coverage provided by a regular foundation, then there is no harm in going for a lighter tinted moisturiser.


Mineral blush is part and parcel of any makeup routine. It is mainly responsible for giving a more fresh and lively look on the face. It would help if you chose a warm tone as a go-to blush which aids in adding the right colour to your cheek apples.

Setting Powder

One cannot stress enough the cruciality of a setting powder. After applying your makeup, light and quick dusting powder goes a long way in setting it properly and controlling the makeup’s shine.

You will like a shine-busting translucent setting powder on your hand if you have an oily T zone or your face appears sweaty usually.

Additionally, you can cover blemishes, discolouration with the help of a setting powder. The secret is to apply foundation on a problem area, set it with a powder, apply some concealer and then set the powder again.


There is no point in getting ready and keeping your eyes bare! Mascara helps to wake up and really define those beautiful eyes. Try to find a good brand to enhance your lashes in the best way possible.

Eye Liner

While mascara will help you highlight those lashes, eyeliner has a different yet similar job. Try to use a darker shade of an eye shadow or an altogether new eye line on the lash lines. This creates a thin line that can further enhance your eyes like never before.


The lips are the make or break step of makeup routines. If they go wrong, your entire makeup can go wrong. Lipsticks come in various types such as gloss, stain or tint. Stains are for more of a less saturated look.

Pro tip: Go for a natural pink or nude Lipper to feel bold and bright at the same time.


While most makeup can be applied through your beautiful hands, brushes are really helpful to ease this job and evenly spread the product. There are blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, crease brushes, and the list goes on.

Summing Up

Well, ladies, these are some of the most basic makeup essentials for you. The trick is to use them in the right proportion to get that perfect look. Always remember, in the makeup world, less is more!