As we make our way to the “most wonderful time of the year,” we can’t help but wonder – What is the best gift? Indeed, the art of Christmas gifting should be done with the most articulated passion and love.

From pre designed gift hampers to customisable ones, Australia houses them all.

These hampers are always carefully put together with intricate care and love for the holiday season. Therefore, you will find the true essence of Christmas in all of them. Every gift can have a Christmas(y) effect if you know how to present it.

Did you know that a single Australian spent $464 on Christmas gifts in 2018?

Ideally, gift hampers should always be memorable and help strengthen relationships, especially around Christmas. But, with so many options in the market, choosing the right one can get daunting.

This article lists the best gift hamper ideas in existence to help you choose the right one. Feel free to take notes!

1.     A Hamper Filled With the Holiday Spirit

What’s better to gift than a cosy box full of luxury items? In Australia, you can find pre-designed gift hampers filled with festive garments like socks, sweatshirts and more. Moreover, it will have numerous designs available that you can customise as well.

For example, you can put your loved one’s name in the cups that come with the box.

It acts as a care package for the holidays and is likely to impact whoever receives it. Furthermore, you can find thousands of options in a budget-friendly range, housing the holiday spirit.

2.     Christmas Advent Calendar (Maybe Wine?)

Advent calendars are a great option if you want to gift a hamper full of surprises. If you give it to children, you can find theme boxes from famous TV shows or movies. Moreover, there are wine advent calendars that can offer a twist in the holiday spirit.

Unfortunately, they only come pre-designed, and you cannot choose what you want to get.

Most Australian companies selling these will have good taste and house the best wine from different vineyards. It will indeed be a unique way of showing your love.

Such gift hampers have the potential to solidify relationships. However, it will cost you more than usual.

3.     The Box of Relaxation

Christmas is all about letting go of stress and being there in the moment. That is why gifting a hamper filled with spa items, and scented candles can come in handy. Moreover, it can also house coffee or even a bottle of wine.

Either way, this pre-designed gift will offer ultimate recharging capabilities. With this, your loved ones can relax and destress themselves while sipping on their favourite coffee or wine.

At the same time, it can come with blankets and numerous scented candles to enhance the mood.

Indeed, this gift will be a great way to stay with family during cold winter nights. Moreover, it will genuinely inculcate that holiday spirit of peace and happiness.

There are numerous pre-designed gift hampers available in the Australian market. However, the best ones for Christmas would be a care package, an advent calendar or a relaxation box.

Whichever you decide to give, make sure that it holds the true holiday essence. (You will know it when you see it!)

Happy Holidays!