The shade of foundation is the first thing that is noticeable for applying on the facial skin. It is ideal to pick good quality foundations which match your skin tone along with no drastic mismatch with the tone of your neck. The undertones of the skin must also be considered in the choice of foundations. The warm and cool complexion are enhanced with the use of yellow and pink toned foundations. Look for the veins to determine it. If the veins appear bluish then your skin is cool toned. If veins look greenish then your skin is warm toned. It is usually recommended to get the perfect match in the shade, but it may also be one shade lighter to be compatible with the rest of your body skin.

The foundation-less facial skin is at the risk of developing blemishes on the skin surface; given the exposure of the bare skin without its base to rest the next beauty cosmetics on. The skin looks oily, patchy and darkened unevenly as the day progresses. So get the nude base of the facial skin to embrace rich effects of highlights and blushes for perfect makeup swiftly. Here are some tips to reach out to have the best quality foundations for flawless facial skin.

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Tips to get the Fab Foundations

  • Dry skin types need moisture to set well on the surface and soothe it right from there. Liquid and stick foundations which have a hydrating tendency must be tried. Dry, powdery foundations must be shifted away considering the already dry skin surface, wanting in hydration. Medium to full coverage foundations are ideal for them.
  • Normal skin types can go for almost any kind of foundation given that it is cleansed and moisturised for the starters.
  • Oily skin types must apply the liquid foundations  delivering a matte finish. It must be blended well for not developing cracks like with the powder foundations. Oil absorbing formulas are preferably the best. Oil free and water based foundations are designed for these skin types only.
  • Combination skin types are dry and oily at some patches. These can be made foundation ready with the use of mixing the powder and liquid foundation for matching the requirements. Fully powdered and oil rich foundations must be replaced with the suggested trial and error method, to arrive at the perfect consistency for taming the patchy, combination skin types.

Now, looking for the best shades for your skin? Try the foundation on your neck or the jawline. Whichever suits or matches your skin tone, that is the best bet against faulty makeup blunders. It is perfectly fine to mix and match different foundation formulas for these skin types to arrive at the most suitable shade. If the shade looks artificially white-ish on your skin, then always go for the nearest or slightly deeper shade to fix it. 

The foundations often come with the dewy, matte, luminizing finish labels to select from; for your style statement with the beauty cosmetics. Sheen or not is totally on your taste in makeup practices. The oily skin types usually cut down on sparkled up and luminizing foundations mainly to balance the oil secretions from the skin pores. Similarly, the night shades could be luminizing for not blending into the darkness of the night. Get office and party ready with good quality foundations offering varied effects.

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