Does anything scream summer more than a new pair of white kicks? We absolutely love the clean, classic look of a pair of white sandals, sneakers, or heels, but do you know how to style white shoes?

Some fashionistas get intimidated by white shoes and are unsure how to wear them, since many of us are most used to wearing black or tan shoes.

Don’t worry though—it’s easier than you might think to rock your new white shoes! To find out more, keep reading to find everything you need to know about styling white shoes this summer.

First, Consider Where You’re Going

Before throwing on white sneakers or sandals, think about where you’re about to go! Because white gets dirty so easily, you definitely don’t want to wear white on rainy days or anywhere near mud or dirt.

Breakfast at the cafe? Yes! A garden party after it’s recently rained? Not the best idea.

By taking care as to when you wear your shoes, they’ll last much longer. Of course, if they do get a bit dirty, you can wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. Or, this may help you: How to clean white shoes, it’s a great article published by Loom Footwear, which will tell you some ultimate ways to clean your white shoes and make them last longer.

Can you wear white shoes in winter? Traditionally, white is worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but do whatever works for you—rules are made to be broken!

Keep Things Simple

What goes well with white? You can wear just about anything with white, but we think they pair best with classic wardrobe essentials like a wrap dress, button-down and jeans, or an a-line skirt.

White on white can be a bit much though, so you don’t necessarily want to pair white shoes with an all-white outfit.

Pair Your White Sandals With a Flirty Sundress

If you’ve just purchased a gorgeous pair of white sandals, what do you wear them with? These fun summer shoes look amazing with a sundress, especially in a pastel design or floral pattern.

Of course, white summer shoes also look stylish with a pair of jean or khaki shorts. Since bright colors look even more vibrant paired with white, why not add a bright pink, blue, or teal tank top or blouse?

White Sneakers Look Amazing With Jeans

If you just can’t get enough of white sneakers, know that these shoes look great with a pair of jeans. A classic pair of Levi’s, a pair of shiny white sneakers, and casuall top is a look that you can live in all weekend. If you want to add more style to your outfit, you can look for womens flare jeans here. You can choose the sneakers as per your choice as well. A website called Chat Wolfs has listed the 9 best sneakers that you must try in 2022. You must take a look at this list.

Learning How to Style White Shoes Is Easy With This Guide

After reading this article, we hope you know more about how to style white shoes. Start by taking a look in your wardrobe and trying on a few of your fav warm weather outfits—you’re sure to find the perfect look!

If you’re wearing leather or cotton white shoes for the first time, you might want to wear them around the house before going out, breaking them in so they won’t cause blisters. Then, they’ll be ready for you to wear all summer long!

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