Hey, beauty enthusiast! Are you tired of using an eyebrow gel every day? You can now get perfectly arched eyebrows quite quickly with the help of brow lamination!

Eyebrow lamination perms your brow to give that fluffy and feathery look without putting you through a complicated morning routine. However, it is semi-permanent, and the effect will last up to only six weeks in all.

Anyway, who would complain about switching from eyebrow pencils to a cute brow lamination kit in Australia? It’s easy, more long-lasting and painless to use.

Yes, the Instagram trend says it all: you can laminate your brow all by yourself. But provided you will be using a perm solution on your own, it can be pretty risky. So experts suggest that it’s best if you step out to the salon for professional treatment.

Even so, there are a few self-care guidelines that you must follow for a feathery brow. Let’s get a quick glimpse of what these are:

How to safely prep your brows for the process?

Before getting started on your eyebrow lamination, you should take proper care of your brows. This before care is required to soothe your brow before the treatment.

First things first, wash your face! No kidding, your brow needs to be clean before the lamination. Use a cleanser to thoroughly clean through your brows. Then remove any makeup on your face with an oil-free makeup remover.

Once your brows are sparkling clean, nourish them with your love (and some balm). You can use aloe vera gel or Vaseline on your eyebrows. Rub it in and let your brow shine readily for the magic of a brow lamination kit in Australia.

A significant tip: do not wax your eyebrows before treatment. You might feel the urge to remove the excess hair before walking into your salon. But it’s highly recommended that you do not give in and wax.

Instead, you can tweeze your brow. The easiest way to do this is first trim your brows and then pick out the stray strands of the eyebrow.

What is the aftercare procedure?

As opposed to before treatment, your brows need a lot more attention after the lamination. For best results, follow this guideline for the first 24 hours:

  • Keep your brow away from water: Even if you want to wet your brow badly, hold yourself back from doing this. Experts advise keeping your brow dry for at least a day after lamination.
  • No makeup, please: Go makeup-free for a day after the lamination. Since the technician removed a few hairs, your hair follicles might be open for a while. If you apply makeup, it can enter and clog your pores. You might also develop pimples.
  • Refrain from workouts: Give a small break from your workout routine. A couple of days maximum. Indeed, you don’t want your brow sweating and becoming frizzy.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight: After brow lamination, your skin will be sensitive. It is prone to irritation from heat. So, minimise your venture into the sunlight.



A shiny, full brow can elevate your entire look. So don’t shy away from trying out an eyebrow lamination. With the help of the right professionals, you can achieve the arched brow you wanted for so long.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is your brow needs extra pampering and care during the process. So, stick to these tips and make your brow feel loved!