There are so many different ways to celebrate the most special events in your life, your wedding day and for some people, taking themselves off to a remote island and only having their fiancé and a witness is their dream.

For others, however, the beautifully classic and timeless dream of a white wedding is and indeed, always has been everything they have ever wanted and more. You should continue reading if you have always harbored a deep-seated dream of the ultimate wedding celebration. 

      1.    Your Décor & Flowers

When picturing an image of you or your fiancé walking down the aisle on your wedding day, no doubt you will be carrying a bouquet of flowers, and even though flowers and décor and displays are considered to be a small detail, they are actually one of the more important elements that bring the theme together. 

For a traditional wedding, stick to either pure white or soft, neutral shades, such as lilac, baby pink or peach, and of course, ensure that the flowers in the buttonhole of the groom and his groomsmen are exactly the same. 

       2.    Your Venue 

The Riverhouse, with its charming historic wedding reception location, is truly an iconic and likely unforgettable venue to choose for your wedding day and as well as boasting incredibly ornate areas perfect for wedding photographs, the views by the water are out of this world.

When focused on organizing a traditional, classic white wedding, ensconcing yourself in surrounding nature, specifically some form of water, ties in beautifully with the picturesque ambiance of the day. 

      3.    Your Catering 

Your wedding cake is going to be the supporting actor to the stars of the show (you and your new husband or wife), and for a traditional celebration, it is all about the tiers, the smooth, delicious, and pure white icing, and the ornate decorations on top.

Unless you know someone close to you who is more than skilled at creating wedding cakes, you should definitely make sure you order your wedding cake from a professional caterer in good time. In terms of the sit-down dinner, a buffet is definitely not traditional, so instead, choose a varied three-, four, or even five-course menu, making sure you cater to guest allergies and other dietary requirements. 

      4.     Your Vows

Now, it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to extend this traditional white wedding theme to you and your soon-to-be spouse’s vows, but if you are keen on sticking to this theme, then the vows are going to be a highlight. 

If you are getting married in a church or other religious setting, the vows will naturally be led by the religious head. Still, if you are in a reception or all-in-one wedding venue, then you will have more flexibility in what you say. 

      5.     Your Favours

The fifth and final contributor to a traditional wedding are the favors, as not only are they a perfect addition to the overall aesthetic feel of your wedding reception, but they also serve as a reminder of your wedding for days, weeks, and months to come. 

Think sentimental, romantic, and emotional, such as seeds to grow ‘flowers of love’ to represent your union or make-a-wish coins to throw into the ocean in honor of you and your partner’s nuptials.