Winter is almost here and it’s going to be the season of long nights, snuggling under a warm blanket with your favorite cup of hot chocolate.  But not all blankets are the same, not all blankets will give you the comfort you crave and deserve. Some blankets could be just too thin making you feel cold, while some could be very scratchy with their uncomfortable fabric and some could be just, well, plain boring. Don’t worry, there is a sure-shot way to ensure comfort when it comes to blankets. If you want to get the ultimate comfort this winter, get yourself a Sherpa blanket, a soft and cozy blanket that could be everything you need to cozy up this winter.

What’s this deal about Sherpa blanket, you ask? These are a type of fleece blanket that has two layers, of which one side is made of smooth and soft fleece while the other side is made of fluffy and thick Sherpa. Now again, what is this “Sherpa”? Sherpa is a kind of fabric that kind of looks and feels like sheep’s wool but it’s actually made of synthetic fibres. So in short, it’s a vegan artificial wool that gives you the same warmth and comfort but because it’s not from an actual sheep, Sherpa is cruelty-free. 

Oh by the way, Sherpa blankets get its name from the Sherpa people who are a group of ethnic Tibetans living near the Nepal- Tibet border. Sherpa people are known for their skill and expertise in wool production so it only makes sense that this soft fleece is named after them. Just so you know, Sherpa fleece is also called faux-sheepskin or faux-shearling, so don’t step back when you see these names instead of “Sherpa” somewhere! 

You can find Sherpa blankets in a lot of various designs and sizes so you can find one according to your taste. As these fleece blankets are very lightweight and easy to pack, you can take them with you when you travel to your favorite hill station. If you’re still not convinced of its amazing utility, take a look at these benefits of having a Sherpa blanket of your own:

  1. These fleece blankets are super soft and comfortable. Remember we mentioned it has two sides? The fleece side is smooth and gentle on your skin while the Sherpa side is fluffy and cuddly. So when you are wrapped in it, you will feel like you are inside a cloud or even better, feel like being hugged by a marshmallow.
  2. They are warm and insulating, thanks to the combination of both fleece and Sherpa. The Sherpa side traps air which creates a layer of insulation to keep you warm while the fleece side helps in retaining heat and prevents cold from seeping in. This means that you will stay toasty and snug even on the coldest nights.
  3. Maintenance really is a pain for most winter clothes. But Sherpa blankets? You can easily take care of them and they are pretty durable also. As Sherpa is a synthetic fiber, it is pretty much resistant to wear and tear or shrinking. You can wash your Sherpa blanket in the washing machine and even tumble dry it in low heat. You just need to make sure you wash it separately. 
  4. Sherpa blankets are pretty affordable and eco-friendly at the same time compared to other types of blankets such as wool or cotton. You can find extremely comfortable for reasonable prices, like the Faux Shearling Blankets from Zarf Studios. And like we said, you will be contributing to a vegan and animal cruelty-free cause by getting a Sherpa blanket instead of other alternatives. Oh and sometimes Sherpa blankets are also made from recycled materials, so while you are saving money, you are also saving the environment.

Fleece blankets are the perfect intersection of comfort and sustainability, and if you’re looking for a new blanket for this winter, you should definitely consider getting a Sherpa blanket. Zarf Studios has them in different variants, so make sure you check them out, You will surely love the luxurious feel Sherpa blankets offer, so as this winter sets in, grab your fleece blanket and wrap yourself in its warmth and comfort!