Everyone with a home dreams of having a pool in their backyard. It is a nice place for you and your family to relax, hold events or parties, and keep physically fit. 

However, the expenses and time that go into its construction call for you to be sure it is the best thing for your backyard. Unfortunately, not everybody can have a pool in their backyard. While it is mostly because of budget constraints, your backyard features and condition could make it impossible or impractical to have a pool. 

Therefore, before considering designs, call Orange County pool contractors to survey your backyard. Below are some qualities the experts look at. 

Size And Layout

Pool construction involves a lot of people, materials, and heavy equipment. Therefore, there must be enough space in your backyard for all of them to fit and comfortably move around.

Another essential consideration is the terrain of the pool. A flat backyard is easy to install a pool in, whether an above-ground pool or in-ground pool. While technology allows contractors to install pools anywhere, challenging terrains require a lot of equipment, labor, and time, increasing the installation cost. 

If it is slopy or hilly, you must install a deck for an above-the-ground pool. If you want an in-ground pool, the Orange County pool contractors must level the ground, which might include bringing in soil or rocks from another location. 

If the hill or steep slope is not where you want the pool installed but close by, professionals might recommend installing a retaining wall to keep the pool from sliding in the ground or shifting. Other things to consider include tree stumps, irrigation systems, big trees or branches, septic tanks, run-off water areas, and large boulders. 


Your backyard should be easy for the contractors to access and bring in all their equipment and materials. One primary hindering factor is low-hanging utility or power lines. Besides hindering accessibility, they also pose a safety risk. Therefore, you should consider a location away from them or pay to have them relocated. 

Other obstacles you should consider removing include walls and fences. If you don’t have paved driveways, consider laying plywood sheets on your yard to avoid damage from heavy equipment and materials. 

What is underground

Before the contractors begin digging, they must consider what lies underneath the target pool location to avoid damage. Therefore, they make test holes around the area, which helps them understand the geography. 

They usually look for water and sewer pipes, electrical and gas lines, and septic tanks. They also ensure there are no large boulders that are hard to break apart, rock ledges, or poor-quality fill like cement blocks, tree stumps, or wood. 

Proximity To Another Water Body

If your property is near a water body like a lake, river, or ocean, experts recommend installing your pool at least 100 feet away. That is because the water table around the water body could be too high, making it impossible to install an in-ground pool. 

Area Regulations

Different states and cities have different regulations your yard must meet before installing a pool. Before deciding on the pool size or design, look at the setback requirements, which dictate the space between your property’s edges and the pool. 

You should also check for easements on your property, which grant people a right to cross on your land. Your backyard should also not be in a historic district or part of a research or wildlife protection zone. 

Your backyard must be in the right condition for pool installation to ensure you save time and money. It also helps increase your pool’s lifetime and functionality. 

Calimingo is among the well-equipped and experienced Orange County pool contractors dedicated to installing the pool of your dreams. They have the equipment and workforce to prepare your yard for custom pool installations at competitive prices. They also offer pool remodeling, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. 



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