By now, everyone has heard about the tragic fate of Gabby Petito and what likely happened in her last days. We’ve all also seen the body cam footage of an incident days before Gabby’s death.

There were so many signs of domestic abuse that the police missed! Many are wondering –what happened? How could the police not have seen signs that could’ve saved her? Why were things flipped around and Gabby got viewed as the primary aggressor?!

If you’re not knowledgeable about how the system works, then it’s normal to feel confused. The truth is very few people can recognize the signs of domestic abuse for what they are.

Read on to learn more and empower yourself to make a positive societal change.

1. Becoming More Withdrawn

Abuse is nefarious, cruel, and often long-term. Over time, individuals in domestic abuse situations find themselves further and further withdrawn. There are several reasons for this including:

  • Abuse is isolating
  • The person may not know how to respond to what’s happening
  • The person may not recognize their situation as abuse
  • The person may be dependent on the abusive person
  • The person feels confused due to the trauma
  • They’re scared

Even worse, the person may not trust how other people will respond to abuse allegations. It’s too common for the police, courts, and family to side with an abuser. Withdrawing may be the victim’s only way of coping.

2. Displaying Fearful and Anxious Behavior

Did you know anxiety disorders are usually the result of abuse? That’s right — anxiety stems from abuse. High anxiety suggests abuse may be occurring or has occurred in the past.

3. Dressing Differently

Dressing in baggy or unflattering clothing is not a good sign. Domestic abuse victims may be covering up physical marks. If not, then they may be feeling too sad or depressed to put effort into their appearance.

4. They’re Full of Excuses

Abusers train victims to blame themselves for their own abuse. That’s why victims are always full of excuses for their abuser’s behavior.

Often, narcissistic abusers will even accuse the victims of being the abuser. They may attempt to levy charges against the victim. The criminal defense lawyers at Hickey & Chung understand this. They’ll help victims avoid charges and ensure justice gets served.

5. Their Partner Has Reached Out to Friends or Family

Have you ever gotten a text from your friend’s boyfriend? Have you been warned to stay away from the victim?

If so, there’s a good chance that person is abusing the victim. They want to further isolate them by taking away you, the victim’s support.

Would You Recognize These Signs of Domestic Abuse?

Would you recognize the above signs of domestic abuse? Many of us might, but the majority of us would also minimize them, make excuses, or accept the abuser’s story. The time for sitting down has come and gone.

In 2021, it’s time to stand up against abusers and with the millions of victims who’ve been silenced too long.

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