Did you know that one survey found that employee recognition was most important to 37 percent of US employees? And yet, 65% felt like they didn’t receive recognition at all. Morale is important for productivity and quality of service—as a manager, you want to avoid numbers like these.

Employees are the foundation of every good company. Smart managers need to give them the recognition that they deserve. One way to do that is to celebrate when you can.

Here are the best tips for celebrating employee promotions with the whole company.

Share the News

Your employee’s promotion will feel all the more special if it gets the recognition it deserves. Share the accomplishment with the entire company or the entire world. A system-wide email can ensure your employee gets the congratulations they’ve earned, and a social media post can turn them into the star of the day.

Recognition is one way to create employee satisfaction. Make sure they start working toward the next promotion by celebrating their current achievements now. 

Show Your Appreciation

Words only go so far; show your appreciation with a special gift! This can be as small as a handwritten employee promotion letter or as big as a few extra days of vacation. A gift basket is always a good idea, but be careful of food and drink; your employee may have dietary restrictions.

Another fantastic option is a small bonus. When you go this route, your employees can treat themselves however they like. You really can’t go wrong with an extra paycheck!

Ways to Celebrate Promotion of an Employee

There are several ways to celebrate promotions of an employee. Sharing the news is always one of the best ways, then showing appreciation in the form of a certificate, etc. comes in handy too. But when it comes to giving the titles, it needs something like lanyards. So, why not go with personalized lanyards from 4inlanyards to make the events more recognizable? 

Have an Event

Take a few moments out of the workday to let your employees have some fun. A small event in the break room or office can be a huge reward for hardworking employees. It also shows how much you value the type of work that leads to promoting employees.

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If multiple team members receive a promotion or have a big win, it’s time to go all out! You can make the promotion celebration event even better by offering more than memories; something like Metal Promo lapel pins will leave a happy impression. Let your employees hold on to their victories by giving them something to keep forever.

What Not to Do

To keep your celebrations positive, there are a few things you should avoid:

  • Don’t show favoritism; celebrate every employee when you can
  • Don’t celebrate as a formality; be genuine with your gratitude and congratulations
  • Don’t be one-size-fits-all; cater celebrations to your employee’s unique accomplishments
  • Don’t go overboard; not every employee will appreciate the spotlight 

Start Celebrating Your Employee Promotions

The success of an individual leads to the success of an entire company. Don’t let someone’s hard work and excellence go unnoticed. Start celebrating employee promotions today to show your team members that they matter. 

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