Your daughter’s birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to plan! There may be pressure to choose the perfect party since there are so many great ideas to choose from. To make your kid’s birthday memorable consider picnic themed birthday party.

Using a guide created with various girls in mind can help you find the party that suits your daughter best. Dive into the top birthday party ideas today so others will remember you as the ultimate birthday planner!

1. Spa Party

You can check out an awesome present for daughter on this site. They have beautiful hair towels for spa birthdays. 

To throw the best birthday party with a spa in mind you’ll want to have non-alcoholic fizz, spa music, and invite their friends. You can even consider having them make their own homemade bath bombs for a fun activity. Have them each dress in robes as they receive manicures, pedicures, etc. 

2. Pirate Party

Perfect for the child looking for a swashbucklin’ good time, you can plan an epic treasure hunt! Treasure could include chocolate coins, jewelry, or clues about the birthday gift. 

Pick up pirate-themed colors, costumes, and toys. If costumes are too pricy, you could still buy eye patches and bandanas to complete the look. 

3. Karaoke Party 

One of the top birthday parties for girls is a karaoke party! Don your sunglasses, inflatable guitars, and your best rocker outfit. 

Decide on what music will be played with the lyrics. If you don’t have a large budget, you could always pull up karaoke videos on Youtube for the children to sing along to. Don’t forget about snacks and desserts too!

4. Sleepover Party 

Get the popcorn popping, put a good movie in, and have all of the children place their sleeping bags on the ground for a sleepover party! You can still pick a party theme and have the elements of other parties. 

Order pizza, let the girls catch up on daily activities, and don’t forget about pillow wars!

5. Princess Parties

Whether your child loves Tiana, Belle, Snow White, or another princess, you can throw the ultimate princess party for them. Have balloons, desserts, and fun activities that are princess-themed. 

Consider combining it with a karaoke party. Children can sing along to princess songs, play musical chairs, or make wands.

Wand-making is tons of fun since you can buy sticks from craft stores along with glitter, paint, and other items. You could also buy kits for wand making as well. 

6. Under the Sea

Get creative here with streamers of blue, pink, and purple throughout. Have balloons floating in the air of whites, golds, and purple. 

Have a cake designed at a bakeshop with octopus, turtles, or other sea animals. Don’t forget about a mermaid!

You could go to a dollar store and pick up small sea figurines and place them on cupcakes for a more budget-conscious design. 

7. Unicorn Parties

Little girls love unicorns right now, so consider throwing a unicorn-themed party! Have pink and purple themes throughout the party. 

A pink cake with a unicorn horn and eyes, glitter, pink plates. Don’t forget about arts and crafts to keep the children engaged and having a good time. For smaller get-togethers, have stencils for children to cut out unicorn-shaped cookies. 

8. Backyard Campouts

For teenage birthday party ideas, you could consider backyard campouts. Even if you’re on a budget, you could camp out right in your backyard. 

Have the girls set up their own tents so that they can camp out. Don’t forget about s’mores and sparklers! 

Some fun ideas include manhunt, capture the flag, and more. Manhunt is where a few people become fugitives and have to hide on the land. 

The other players search for them. When they’re tagged, they become the hunters until there’s only one fugitive remaining. Consider having a prize for the winning fugitive. 

Capture the flag is where each team tries to catch the other team’s flag. Have everyone split up into two teams. 

Once a player is tagged by the other team, they’re captured. The first team to return with the other team’s flag wins. 

Scavenger hunts can be fun for teens as well! Place hidden items, clues, or small treats throughout the yard for them to find the big prize. 

9. Escape Room

Either go to a physical escape room or plan your own! You could either buy kits, games online or in person, or create your own. 

Teens will work together to solve puzzles and complete the challenges. If they escape, be sure that you have a prize ready for them. 

10. Hiking Time 

Whether you have a younger child or teen, hiking is tons of fun for the adventurous child. Think about the activity level of the group and what they’ll be comfortable with. 

For younger children, you’ll want to choose shorter and flatter trails. Don’t forget to pack snacks, drinks, and other supplies. Afterward, you can go out to dinner or hang out at the house for snacks and dessert. 

11. Pool Party

For warmer weather, you could throw a pool party! Don’t forget about blow-up toys, floats, and beach balls.

Water balloon fights are another fun option. Afterward, get grilling with some hot dogs and hamburgers. 

The Top Birthday Party Ideas

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of some of the top birthday party ideas for girls! Take your time thinking about your child’s hobbies and what will fit best.

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