Want to Live Throughout Life?

The question of where you call home is one that has an abundance of possible answers. Sometimes, people might find they struggle to ever feel at home as where they grew up, but others feel much more strongly about making their own home and developing a sense of connection with somewhere their own. 

You might also find that the answer to this question is one that changes throughout your life. It can feel strange when you’re living in a place that you’ve always enjoyed, only to find that it doesn’t quite resonate with you in the way it once did.

The Bustling City

Due to the sheer number of possible personalities, it’s difficult to be general about who would prefer what kind of environment. That being said, you might find that when you’re younger, the appeal of the city is at its strongest due to the sheer number of connections that it provides. Not only are there plenty of possible activities and hospitality venues, but these are going to be environments with stronger public transport links – allowing you to more easily get to other places. This might be something you’re interested in for the purpose of travelling, such as going to the airport, but it might be about making it easier to see your friends.

However, what can often work as a disadvantage of city living is the busyness. That sense of exhaustion that can come from constant exposure to traffic, noise and concrete. 

Getting Away

Therefore, many people might prefer to take themselves to a more natural, rural environment. The difficulty that comes with choosing between the country or the city stems from the fact that they hold completely distinct advantages and disadvantages – there is little overlap and therefore little room for compromise. That being said, the mental health boost that you get from living in a more natural environment might be something that appeals to you, as could the ability to tie yourself more closely to a community, though the lack of means compared to most cities could hold you back.

It’s important to consider these natural elements like the seaside and open garden spaces as they could be a consideration that you make when thinking of residential care later in life. Morris care home in Corbrook Park, for instance, is situated in an idyllic spot that might appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities for this very reason.


For some people, they might find themselves going back and forth on whether or not they would want to live abroad for much of their life. On the one hand, other countries can provide weather that’s more preferable to you and a change of scenery that comes as something of an adventure. On the downside, though, you might be further away from your friends and family – people who might provide you with a great deal of comfort in your regular routine. It’s worth remembering that this move doesn’t have to be permanent, but if it’s something you think you would benefit from, you might regret not exploring it.