When we speak of marketing, what springs to mind? In fact, marketing can be described as the act or process by which organizations develop and create their own unique marketing messages that appeal to their target audiences. Marketing therefore refers to the creative process by which an organization undertakes in order to address its specific target audience, develop strategic relationships with other organizations that can prove mutually beneficial to both parties, and capture specific value from the exchange of this value. This value may be in the form of cash, clients, information or any other kind of value deemed appropriate. The ability to formulate and execute a marketing strategy will form the basis of the success of an organization.

Three Relevant Marketing Concepts

Although there are many marketing concepts and marketing methods being used today, there are three marketing concepts that have been growing in relevance over the last decade and are still among the most important marketing techniques being practiced by businesses today. These include advertising, selling and networking. All three play an important role in organizations, with each forming the basis of different marketing strategies used by businesses.


Advertising refers to the process by which organizations attract prospective customers into their marketing activities. This can take the form of print advertisements, posters, newsletters, magazine ads, TV and radio commercials and the internet. Advertising is very important because it drives a significant amount of sales in any kind of product. The key to effective advertising lies in the manner in which it targets the right market segment. Many businesses nowadays try to buy YouTube views for their ads on the platform, to enhance their popularity and legitimize them in the eyes of the consumer.


Selling refers to an act or process by which consumers gain access to a product concept or service. It is very important for marketers to address the needs of potential consumers when formulating a marketing strategy. Selling can take the form of direct selling, where individuals sell the products themselves, or through a network of associates. Selling can also be combined with other marketing concepts such as brand promotion, consumer marketing, and other means by which consumers gain access to products.


Marketing can have several distinct components, depending on the nature of the product concerned. In addition, some marketing strategies overlap significantly with one another. Examples of these overlapping components include branding, pricing, and publicity. Branding is the most significant aspect of marketing. The term brand is usually understood to refer to the product, but also describes the company, and the brand owner. Pricing includes the practices used to derive a profit from the sale of the product, while publicity refers to promotional activities designed to increase awareness of the product or service.

Theories And Differentiation

Marketing theories suggest that there are four general concepts that should be examined in order for any marketing campaign to be successful. These concepts are competition, the customer, differentiation, and purpose. Competition refers to any measure that attempts to reduce the prices of a product or service to produce a reduction in demand or to discourage consumers from buying it. The idea behind this concept is that the consumer is the driving force behind any successful marketing program and should therefore be treated as such. Other considerations for competition include valuing brand names, and the quality of sales staff.

The concept of differentiation is related to price, but focuses more on how products and services are different enough from one another so as to warrant being sold. In marketing management theory, selling a product with the same physical attributes as another will only result in limited sales and profits. Furthermore, selling the same product but at different prices will only result in limited profits. In order to be successful, marketing management professionals will look to differentiate their products or services, both in terms of physical attributes and in terms of consumer reaction.


An influencer marketing strategy involves using the contacts of existing customers to market products and services to new customers. The idea is to use a combination of traditional and online marketing techniques to market a product or service through existing channels, which are currently under-utilized. An influencer marketing plan is an effective way to promote products that have not reached the market yet, as well as products that are not yet in high demand. Marketing research and analysis should be an integral part of all marketing activities, and this aspect of the business should be given extra importance.



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