Are you starting a homestead? If so, you’ll want to start mapping out how you can use your resources most effectively. After all, your goals should include reducing your dependence on others.

Read on to learn 6 big tips for a small homestead success story!

1. Find the Best Homestead Land

To start a small homestead, you’ll need the right land. While you can start small with a compost pile, finding an acreage is ideal for expanding your opportunities.

Research the soil so you know if it needs more nutrients. And see what kind of weather your land typically will encounter. For instance, you need to know if you should expect droughts. 

2. Be Patient

Starting a homestead requires a lot of planning. If you’re new to the process, be patient. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, either.

You can learn how to can, stitch, or till soil from an experienced homesteader. And you’ll find that people are more than willing to share their skills with you. 

3. Choose Crops Wisely on a Small Homestead

When you choose what to plant, stick with food high in protein, nutrients, and fiber. Soybeans, carrots, potatoes, and barley are solid choices. Similarly, corn and rice can keep you full. 

And you may want a backpack mosquito fogger to keep the pests at bay. Critters can infect your crops if you’re not careful. You don’t want them ruining all of your hard work!

4. Don’t Spend Too Much on Supplies 

It’s always a good idea to keep a budget. And when it comes to homesteading tips, keeping tabs on your expenses is critical. You can find places to cut back on spending, such as with your wardrobe.

Learn how to patch your clothing. And turn to resilient materials like wool. The money you save can be invested into buying secondhand tools to keep your homestead survival efforts going strong. 

5. Goals Are Key to Starting a Homestead

While you may want to start milking cows and gathering eggs from your chickens all at once, you’re better off starting slowly. Don’t try to become an instant farmer if you’ve been an accountant your whole life!

But do set goals. Maybe you want to start by gathering as many tools as you can from garage sales and making an initial investment in the land. Or perhaps your goal is to expand what you grow by a few crops each year.

6. One of the Best Homesteading Tips Is to Stay Adaptable 

You might hit a rainy season that knocks out your crops. It’s a normal part of homesteading to experience setbacks. Stay nimble so you can make do with what you have.

Start canning more to extend the length of your peaches or corn. And cut back on expenses until things normalize.

Live a Homesteaders Life

When you start a small homestead, you have the opportunity to build a self-sustaining lifestyle. With the right mix of industriousness and savvy, you can cultivate veggies and raise animals. And this will set you up for tasty food and a rewarding lifestyle!

For more tips to create the life you’ve always wanted, check back for new and informative articles.

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