Flowers are always nice to have in a home. They’re beautiful and they also add a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re expecting guests or not, flowers should always be a welcome addition. There’s nothing else sweeter and lovelier than a home that livens up with fresh floral arrangements.

Having a colorful selection from Miami florists and others may only be a small change, but it’s refreshing to have. From simple ones to more extravagant arrangements, there’s definitely something for every home.

Here are some floral arrangement ideas you can try out for your home:

1. Classic White Tulips

First on this list is one of the most classic and elegant floral arrangements: white tulips. This kind of flower is already inherently beautiful. Because it’s a neutral arrangement, it’ll work well with any background, living room color, or home style. Classic white tulips are also great for homeowners who don’t like to have a lot of colorful flowers and other touches in their homes.

2. Picnic Basket Arrangements

If you have small picnic baskets at home, you can give those baskets a dual purpose. When not used for picnics per se, you can use picnic baskets to hold a beautiful flower arrangement.

The key to achieving this perfectly is to make sure all your flowers fit the basket perfectly and have no loose or empty spaces. This floral arrangement is great if you’re hosting a backyard party where the flowers can serve as a nice added touch.

3. Grand Entryway Floral Arrangements

This third floral arrangement type is best for those homes with a foyer or an entryway. When there’s enough space for it, some entryways will have a table, console, or a stand and space for you to place decorative items on. This is where you can go big with grand entryway floral arrangements.

Because it’s positioned in your home’s entrance, don’t be afraid to go big. You can mix and match different flowers as well.

4. Fireplace Mantle Flower Arrangements

For houses with a fireplace mantle, that space can double as a display area to hold frames, books, candles, personal memorabilia, and other decorative items—flower arrangements included.

When it comes to your fireplace mantle floral arrangements, however, you have to be a bit more subdued. This means choosing smaller arrangements that’ll fit and stay still in the vases that are best for your mantle. Offset that arrangement with beautiful photos, and that small touch can easily elevate your entire home’s look.

5. Mini Floral Arrangements In Old Bottles

If you love to have flower arrangements strewn across multiple areas in your home or perhaps you’re hosting a party, you can have small flower arrangements on all your tables by putting them in recycled old glass bottles.

When you regularly have a supply of those bottles from your beverages, keep them. You can upcycle it for smaller, vintage-type flower arrangements. These kinds of flower arrangements are usually made of just a few buds, enough to fit the opening of the glass bottles.

In a similar vein, you can use perfume bottles for this purpose, too. That’d be great for the small corners and narrow cabinets in your home which you’d like to spruce up with some fresh flowers.

6. Bedside Floral Arrangements

Who says the bedroom shouldn’t have nice floral arrangements? When deciding on what floral arrangements to have in your home, don’t forget to include your bedroom. A beautiful vase of flowers is more than enough to make a plain side table look great. 

While there are many different floral arrangements you can opt for, it’s a must if you can choose one that’ll match your bedroom’s theme and colors. By doing so, your bedroom won’t look cluttered and the floral arrangements won’t stand out negatively.

Don’t neglect to have fresh flowers in your bedroom. After all, it’s nice to wake up one morning with fresh flowers to start your day.


If you’ve long been a fan of giving your home a makeover and adding a hint of your personality to it, you’ll begin to understand how flowers are always a nice touch to your home. Rather than opt for plastic flowers, why not go for fresh ones? 

Don’t wait for a special occasion to have flowers in your home. Any day in itself is already enough reason to have flowers. There are many floral arrangements you can try out, with the list above not being exhaustive yet. It’s for you to choose which arrangements you feel would suit your home the most.



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