The average person spends somewhere between $20 and $60 on a night out at the bar depending on what they’re drinking. And in some cases, they might spend way more than that if they’re buying drinks for others at the same time.

If you want to save yourself some money as you move forward, it might be worth exploring building a bar in your home. There are lots of great modern home bar ideas that you can put to good use.

Using these modern bar ideas will help you create the perfect bar at home. It’ll allow you to have people come to your house to hang out rather than always going out to bars.

Here are four great modern bar ideas for home settings that might work for you.

1. Full Home Basement Bar

Do you have a large space in your basement that you’re not really using right now? If you do, one of the best possible modern home bar ideas would be creating a full home basement bar.

This type of bar is going to allow you and your guests to really spread out. You can make it look and feel just like a real bar, complete with everything from beer taps to TV screens hanging on the wall.

2. Butler’s Pantry Bar

Don’t have a basement that can serve as a bar area? If you’re lucky enough to have a butler’s pantry, that could also work as one of the best modern bar design ideas for home settings.

A butler’s pantry will provide you with a place to put everything you’ll need to serve delicious cocktails. From bar tools to bottles of alcohol, you’ll have a place for all of the things you’ll need to bring your bar together.

3. Wine Bar

Only plan on serving wine in your home bar? It’s simple enough to create a wine bar along one of the walls in your home.

All you’ll need to do is add countertops to the walls and hook up some plumbing so that you can stick a sink in the middle of them. You’ll also want to create space to put wine glasses and even one of these SnoMaster Wine Coolers.

4. Bar Cart

Are you always enjoying drinks in different parts of your home? Then you might not want to limit yourself by creating a permanent bar space.

Instead, you can simply purchase a bar cart and use it to serve drinks in just about any part of your home. As an added bonus, a bar cart is also going to take up very little space in your home.

Which of These Modern Home Bar Ideas Do You Like the Best?

Each of these modern home bar ideas is going to benefit your home in a different way. You should think about which one is going to work the best based on the layout of your house and your specific home bar needs.

Consider which of the modern home bar designs you like the most and run with it. It’ll have you enjoying drinks at home from now on as opposed to always running out to the bar.

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