If you’re painting your living room, don’t think that you have to paint the walls in a boring shade of white.

Whether you want to paint your home in neutral or bright colors, your living room paint colors should reflect your style and your home’s decor.

Let’s dive into the top tips for choosing the perfect colors for your living room walls. Keep reading to learn more. 

Match Your Decor

One of the first things to consider when choosing interior paint colors is to make sure the color complements your furniture.

If you have lots of dark furniture, then light living room paint colors might be right for you. 

But if you have lots of white or neutral furniture, then you might consider going for a bolder color like warm orange.

Change the Shade

If you find yourself stuck on a certain living room paint color, but are unsure of why it doesn’t feel right, you may have the wrong shade.

To fix this problem, you may only have to go a few shades darker or lighter. You can get a paint strip to see similar shades, or contact an experienced professional painter like JE Kogan Painting Sydney to help you choose the right shade.

Think About the Rest of Your Home

You might have hundreds of living room paint color ideas, but if they don’t match the rest of your house, you’ll end up with a confusing interior design.

Imagine if the rest of your house is minimalist with beige walls, and you decide to paint your living room bright red. 

You want to avoid this type of jarring contrast and think about how your living room can complement the rest of your home’s furniture, finishings, and hardware. The color doesn’t need to match exactly, but each room should still look like it belongs in the same house.

Add an Accent Wall

If you want to use a bright color but can’t justify painting your entire living room with it, why not consider adding an accent wall?

With an accent wall, you get a fun pop of color without overwhelming the rest of the living room. 

Plus, to match your accent wall, you can add decorations around the living room to complement it. For example, if you have a lime green accent wall, you can put a painting with some lime green in it on the opposing wall for a nice match.

Match Color To Feeling

The best living room paint colors use color psychology to create a particular feeling in the living room. For example, do you want your living room to feel warm and cozy? Then consider deep red to accent your new fireplace.

But if you want to create an inviting space for social interaction, consider a bright, happy color like yellow.

Ready To Choose the Perfect Living Room Paint Colors?

You don’t have to be stuck with boring living room paint colors. No matter your interior design style, you can find a color that suits your decor while adding another layer to your home’s character.

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