Wood-plastic composite, or WPC, is a new class of product that combines the natural appearance of wood with the durability of plastics. Made from a mixture of recycled sawdust and plastic which has been heated to form semi-rigid material. This product has become popular recently because it offers many advantages over wood decks.

Wooden decks are often labour-intensive because they need to be repaired as they age and can rot if not treated carefully. If something does go wrong, your deck may need to be replaced completely, which is expensive and time-consuming Deck Builder.

Benefits of Wood plastic composite decking

1. No painting

Because it is made of composite materials, decking does not require painting to prevent it from weathering. This means there is no need for sanding, priming and painting, a time-consuming process. Due to the heat treatment in producing WPC, the wood plastic composite is waterproof, thereby avoiding the risk of rotting.

2. Longer lasting with low maintenance required

Wood-plastic composite decking lasts 15 years longer than traditional wooden decking. It requires little or no maintenance and can withstand all types of weather conditions such as rain, ice and thunderstorms with no damage to its structure.

3. Easy to install and fast to build

Wood-plastic composite decking is lightweight and can be installed by yourself or a helper, which means you won’t need to hire a contractor. You can also get it easily at home improvement centres that provide all the tools you need for installation. A standard deck can be built in three days or less. The material is already cut to size and requires little effort during installation, another benefit of getting all tools you need from one place. The process of installing also involves little mess since no sanding or painting is required before installation.

4. Stable and lightweight

Wood-plastic composite is 100% recyclable, which makes it environmentally friendly. It also provides great physical support for your deck. Wood-plastic composite decking weighs only 16 pounds per square foot and is able to support up to 1,400 pounds per square foot, which means it is much stronger than standard wood decks. This sturdiness comes partially from the wood fibre content in the material. Even though concrete is stronger than wood fibre, you are unlikely to experience a problem with strength because the material is engineered to resist extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes.

5. Sustainable

The wood plastic composite is made from old sawdust and plastic bottles. This material is made from recycled byproducts, where you can help save the environment in your own home. Wood-plastic composite does not have any harmful effects on the environment and can be recycled for future use. Furthermore, it is about 50% cheaper than regular wood and has a lower carbon footprint.

WPC composite decking can also look and feel like natural wood without having to go to a furniture store or purchase new furniture. You will be happy with your deck since there are no sharp edges and it looks like wood but with the durability of plastics, which means no chipping or cracking of paint and no rotting while in use.