YouTube Premium Mod Apk

YouTube Premium Mod Apk is one of the most well-known and popular alternatives in the world of entertainment and video apps. It has grabbed consumers from all spheres of life and has received billions of downloads globally. The premium features of the app have a fee, while the ordinary version is free to download and use. 

With a focus on Android users, YouTube Premium provides a wonderful entertainment experience that is brimming with outstanding features that increase its customers’ overall satisfaction. 

What is YouTube Premium?

One of the leading social networking sites in the world, YouTube Premium gives users quick access to their preferred videos as well as a variety of other material. By viewing the millions of online films accessible through the app, Android users may immerse themselves in interactive elements. In YouTube Premium Mod Apk TV shows, movies, gaming, humor, fashion, education, and other genres are all included in the material.

The top entertainment videos are available on the app, which also offers users a tailored suggestion list depending on their preferences. The application also allows users to contribute their own material, which may make them famous and earn them money, and it provides powerful search tools. 

What is YouTube Premium Mod APK?

The amazing YouTube Premium Mod Apk unlocks a variety of benefits, allowing users to get the most out of the app. All premium features are now available with the Mod version without any further fees. Users may easily obtain all the premium features for free by downloading the Mod version.

The lack of adverts in the Mod version is one of its most loved features. The user experience improves noticeably as a result of the removal of adverts because there are no longer any intrusive interruptions. This feature has helped the Mod version gain wide acceptance and made it a popular option for many people.

YouTube Premium Mod Apk Info

App NameYouTube Premium Mod Apk
PublisherGoogle Commerce Ltd
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Size133.93 MB
Latest Versionv18.29.32
MOD InfoUnlocked Premium Features, No Ads
Download OnGoogle Play
Last UpdateJune 15, 2023 

Features of the YouTube Premium Mod APK

Background Music:-

  • A much desired feature, Background Play, is now accessible with the YouTube Premium membership. Users may use this functionality to play YouTube videos in the background in a manner akin to music players.
  • It’s especially practical for people who use YouTube primarily to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio material. Even when your phone is locked, you may pause and manage movies from the notification bar or a tiny window below the YouTube app while performing other tasks.

Experience without ads:-

  • By removing display adverts and mid-video commercials, YouTube Premium offers a seamless viewing experience. Watch your favorite material without the inconvenience of commercials, which will improve your attention and overall enjoyment. 

Similar to the official YouTube app:-

  • All of the material found on the standard YouTube app is also included in the YouTube Premium app, but with the free addition of premium features. The front-end style and icons are identical to those of the original YouTube app, so you won’t miss out on your favorite content makers or creators.

Downloading videos:-

  • YouTube Premium for mobile users enables you to download videos for offline watching. When you have limited data access or want to watch videos without an online connection, this option is helpful. It’s a handy method to view information while on the road because the downloaded films may be preserved for up to a month or even longer. 

Song Download:-

  • In addition to enabling video downloads, YouTube Premium also offers music downloads from a sizable library made accessible on YouTube or through other programs. For music lovers who wish to listen to their favorite songs offline, this option is ideal. 

Shadow Mode:-

  • The app has a Dark Mode option, which improves the aesthetics overall and is particularly attractive for devices that support it. Use the app in low light for a visually appealing experience. 


  • With YouTube Premium, multitasking is effective. This version of the YouTube app lets you to listen to music or educational content while simultaneously using other applications on your smartphone, in contrast to the standard YouTube app, which limits usage to only YouTube. For professionals and students who wish to maximize their time, this tool is very helpful.

No Root Is Needed:-

  • YouTube Premium may be utilized without having to root your smartphone, in contrast to many customized apps that do. This guarantees that the memory, battery, CPU, and security of your device are all maintained. 

Access to the YouTube Original Web Series:-

  • You can access a selection of premium YouTube Originals with YouTube Premium, including engrossing programs like Wayne, Impulse, Origin, Cobra Kai, and other fascinating technical web series. You should watch these unique shows since they’ll keep you interested and entertained.

Take advantage of YouTube Premium’s wonderful features and advantages right away to enjoy a better YouTube experience.

Steps to Install YouTube Premium Mod Apk on Many Platforms

 Android device installation of YouTube Premium Mod Apk: 

  • By clicking the link on this link, you can get the Apk file.
  • To change settings, go to your device.
  • Locate and open the security settings.
  • Access the device management section by looking for it.
  • Identify and enable the “Unknown sources” option.
  • On your device, open the Download folder.
  • Track down the apk file you downloaded.
  • Initiate the installation procedure by tapping on the file. 

Process to Install YouTube Premium Mod Apk on a Windows computer?

It should be noted that Linux and Ubuntu do not support YouTube Premium Mod Apk. You need a Windows operating system to utilize it on your PC. Following are instructions for trouble-free downloading and installation:

  • Visit the company’s official website and download an Android emulator like Bluestacks.
  • The PC’s Android emulator must be installed and configured.
  • Install YouTube Premium on your PC by downloading the file.
  • Installing the downloaded apk file will open the Android emulator.
  • After installation, the emulator’s home screen will allow you to visit YouTube Premium. 

Stepss to Install YouTube Premium Mod Apk on an Android TV or smart TV

It’s a good idea to watch videos on a bigger screen. The following instructions explain how to install YouTube Premium on an Android TV or Smart TV

  • You may download the app file on your TV by going to the supplied page.
  • Visit the site for your TV.
  • You can reach the Settings menu.
  • Go to the security settings and find the “Unknown sources” option. Turn it on.
  • Go to your TV’s Download folder.
  • To begin the installation procedure, look for the YouTube Premium app and click on it.
  • You may now use YouTube Premium on your Smart TV or Android TV.

Steps to Install YouTube Premium Mod Apk on iOS Devices

Although YouTube Premium is not officially supported by Apple for iOS devices, you may still install it by following these instructions: 

  • Install vShare after downloading it.
  • Open vShare and get YouTube Premium for iOS.
  • Find vShare in the application menu when the download is finished.
  • Open vShare and select “Trust” when asked.
  • Install YouTube Premium by searching for it in vShare.
  • Following installation, you may use YouTube Premium on your iOS devices with ease.

Note:- Please Be Aware that depending on your device’s characteristics and software configuration, the installation process may change. To safeguard the security of your smartphone, use caution whenever you enable unauthorized sources and download programs from them.


All of YouTube Premium’s unique features have been properly included in the YouTube Premium Mod APK. Without any hesitation, we urge you to download and test out this software. We also urge you to check out the fascinating YouTube Original web series, which are renowned for their amazing inventiveness.

Before beginning the download, carefully read the download and installation instructions that are provided. Once installed, take use of all the wonderful features it offers. Enjoy your stream!

FAQs about YouTube Premium Mod Apk (For Android):

Q. What is the YouTube Premium APK?

It is one of the leading social media sites, gives users quick access to a variety of information, including their favorite videos. Android users may take advantage of interactive features and discover millions of online videos in a variety of genres, including TV series, movies, games, humor, fashion, and more. Users may post their own material to the app, which also offers tailored suggestions based on their preferences.

Q. What is the YouTube Premium Mod APK?

It’s an improved version of the software unlocks all of the app’s premium features for no additional cost. It offers an ad-free experience so users may use the app uninterrupted by adverts.

Q. Does the downloaded version of the Youtube Premium Mod cost nothing?

Indeed, there is no cost associated with obtaining the YouTube Premium.

Q. Can I get YouTube PremiumMod to my Android tablet?

You may without a doubt download and install Youtube Premium on your Android tablet.

Q. Does Youtube Premium Mod allow you to watch Hindi movies?

You can undoubtedly watch Hindi movies on YouTube Premium.

Q. Does Youtube Premium Mod permit the streaming of music?

Indeed, you are free to stream and listen to music at your leisure on YouTube Premium.

Q. Does YouTube Premium Mod provide any kid-friendly channels?

In YouTube Premium, there is a channel specifically for children.

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