Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat aka AnyROR is one of the best initiatives of government that is helping and making life of people in Gujarat easy. Let’s Learn more about Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat’s online Portal.

What is AnyROR?

AnyROR is an online portal for Gujarat’s rural land records, which gives access and verifies the rural lands records. It is remarkable e-governance initiative taken by Gujarat government to change rural land records into digital data which becomes more easily to access and secure.

Objective of AnyROR

In Earlier, The traditional way to access the land records one need to physically visit government offices, it was a hustle for citizens. Seeing all the trouble of citizens, government initiated and launched an online portal AnyROR with primary objective to digitize land records, so that it will be easy for citizen to access land records. This not only portal made accessing land related processes easy but also enhances transparency.

Types of information that can be accessed from AnyROR Gujarat

The following list of services can be accessed from the platform:

  • 135-D Notice for mutation
  • Revenue case details
  • VF-6 entry details
  • VF-7 Survey number details
  • VF-8A Khata details
  • Rural Land Records
  • Urban Land Records
  • Property Search Services

How AnyROR Land Work?

The AnyROR land records system keeps land records and provides services related to that land also including following mention below:

  • Accessing land records 
  • Instruction for online application for changes/modification, conversion, and Non-Agricultural (NA) use permission.
  • It also verifies land records and certificates.
  • Provide Access to revenue court cases status and related-details.

All these services can be accessed from the official website of Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat and following the proper instructions.

AnyROR application processes

For land-related services, you have to apply through an online application of Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat. Follow instructions step-by-step given on the portal for smooth use of services related to land records.

For example:- you want to access 7/12 document , then follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of AnyROR or Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat.
  • After going on website , you will see three options: Rural land records, property search and Urban land records.
  • To find the 7/12 Utara Gujarat document, fill the following details :
  • Survey number or owners name or entry list by month year
  • District
  • City survey office
  • Ward
  • Survey number
  • Sheet number

Difference between Traditional and AnyROR Gujarat Land Record system

The AnyROR Gujarat Land Record System is different and convenient from the traditional land recording system in the following ways:

  1. Accessibility: In the traditional way, individuals had to physically visit government offices to access land records, which turn out be time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient. Whereas, the AnyROR’s Gujarat Land Record System is an online portal which gives easy access to land records, without visiting phiscally.
  2. Transparency: Traditional land record systems were not that transparent and that’s why it was prone to corruption. However, the Gujarat Land Record System improves transparency in land administration and provides citizens with access to land records with transparency.
  3. Accuracy:Traditional land records were prone to mistakes because it involves manual processes, whereas the system make sure real-time updates and accuracy in land records.
  4. Efficiency: Traditional systems may seem fast, but they lacked efficiency because of manual processes. The system has enhanced the efficiency of land related services and management by offering an online portal for land record access.

The Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat Land Record System is a significant improvement over traditional methods, making it faster, more efficient, and transparent. It provides citizens in Gujarat with quick and easy access to land-related information, ultimately enhancing land administration and management in the state.

Benefits of AnyROR Gujarat Land Record System

Some of the benefits of using Gujarat Land Record System are following mentioned below:

  • Increased transparency: The Gujarat Land Record system has improved transparency in land related services and management. Through the portal, citizens can easily access land records, protect them from any modification or manipulation.
  • Reduced chances of fraud and corruption: The portal has significantly reduced the chances of fraud and corruption in land transactions. The online system guarantees that all land dealings are carried out with transparency and effectiveness.
  • Easy accessibility: The system offers simple and  hustle free access to land records for the people of Gujarat. It simplifies the process of providing information related to land ownership, property rights, and land use.
  • Time saving: Citizens don’t have to visit in-person to government offices to take land records. The system made it easier for them, portal saves time and effort of individuals .
  • Secure records: The AnyROR’s system guarantees the exact and real-time management of all land records. It enhanced record-keeping by making it accurate and efficiency.


In conclusion, the AnyROR System is remarkable initiative by Gujarat government for land administration and management. By digitizing land records and making them easily accessible through an online portal, it has simplified the lives of Gujarat’s citizens. This initiative not only improves transparency but also reduces chances of fraud and corruption in land transactions.

With easy access, time-saving benefits, and secure record-keeping, the Any Records Of Rights in Gujarat system has become an invaluable resource for those who looking for land-related information in Gujarat. It’s a evidence how technology is helping in improving governance and service, which solely benefiting people of state.


Q1. Do we have to pay chargers to access Gujarat’s rural land records portal?

No, there’s no charges to access the AnyROR’s Gujarat. It’s totally free-website.

Q2. What is objective of AnyROR Gujarat?

The primary objective to digitise land records, so that it will be easy for citizen to access land records.

Q3. What is AnyROR Gujarat system ?

It is an online portal for Gujarat’s rural land records, which gives access and verifies the rural lands records.

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