MX Player Mod Apk - Unlocked, AC3/DTS, No Ads

If you’ve ever had trouble playing specific video formats on your mobile device because your default video player didn’t support them, don’t worry any more. The answer you’ve been hunting for is MX Player Mod Apk. The outstanding video player MX Player, created by J2 Interactive, enables you to watch videos in any format on your mobile device. Also, you may easily convert downloaded movies from lesser resolutions like 216p to 1080p for optimum clarity. 

App NameMX Player Mod Apk – No Ads
PublisherMX Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Size28 MB
Latest VersionVI .66.0
MOD InfoUnlocked, AC3/DTS, No Ads
UpdateJuly 19, 2023
Download OnPlay Store

The ability to play subtitles is one of MX Player Mod Apk most notable features. Any movie’s subtitles are simple to download, and you may view it on your mobile device if you have subtitles turned on. Users may easily create subtitles in their favorite language thanks to the app’s multilingual capabilities.

What is the MX Player application?

On your smartphone, MX Player is a superb video player app that provides fluid playing of many video formats. Its subtitle capability makes it simple to get subtitles for various movies and play them together with the video. The software is bilingual and offers subtitles in a variety of languages. Moreover, MX Player may increase the resolution of your films for a better watching experience.

MX Player MOD APK’s Core feature

  • Ad-Free Experience: The normal edition of MX Player has a lot of advertising that may interfere with your ability to watch videos. All forms of advertising are totally gone from the MX Player MOD APK, allowing you to watch your preferred movies and videos uninterrupted.

What does MX Player Mod APK mean? 

We have created the MX Player Mod APK to get rid of the inconvenient and unpleasant advertising seen in the original MX Player. All of the functionality of the original app is still available in this modified version, but there is no advertising, resulting in a seamless and nonstop video viewing experience. Give it a go and take pleasure in interruption-free, continuous video viewing.

Main Features of the Mx Player Mod Apk

  • Easy File Sharing: The MX Player application now has a built-in file sharing feature that enables you to quickly share any kind of file with your pals. You may easily distribute them to your pals using this capability, regardless of how big or tiny the file is. Easily share movies, applications, and more.
  • Multitask player: MX Player has a special function that enables you to multitask on your smartphone while viewing a video, in contrast to many other video players. The video playback won’t stop if you go to another programme. This implies that you may use your smartphone to perform other things while still viewing a video song. For even more convenience, MX Player may be transformed into a tiny player.
  • Video Zoom: You may zoom in on the video at any time to improve your viewing experience. This function enables you to zoom in on particular aspects, which makes it simpler to comprehend the text. Also, you may take pictures during any part of the film, keeping priceless moments in the form of pictures.
  • Support for Many Languages: The MX Player app provides comprehensive language support, enabling you to download subtitles for films in several languages. While watching a movie, you may easily switch between various subtitles..
  • Kid’s Lock Feature: Are you concerned about giving your phone to kids? Every video may be securely locked using the kid’s lock function in MX Player. This ensures a secure and uninterrupted watching experience for your child as they are able to watch the film without using any other functions on your device.

How do I install MX Player on a Firestick? 

The Downloader app must first be downloaded to your Fire TV in order to proceed with installing MX Player on your Firestick. After you have the Downloader software, take the following actions: 

  • On your Firestick, launch the Downloader app.
  • Activate the checkbox to permit downloads from unidentified sources in the app’s settings.
  • Go to the MX Player download page now using the Downloader app.
  • Install the MX Player app by downloading it and following the setup instructions.
  • MX Player will be accessible on your Firestick after installation.

How can I use MX Player to play videos from Chrome?

It is possible to view Chrome videos with MX Player, but you must take the following actions:

  • Play the desired video and launch Google Chrome on your device.
  • An option to save the video should be available when the video begins to play. You may save it to your phone.
  • The MX Player’s playlist will contain the stored videos.
  • Open the MX Player application on your smartphone.
  • You can locate the videos you saved from Chrome in the playlist.
  • MX Player will start playing the selected video as soon as you tap on it. 


The Google Play Store has included the highly regarded video player software MX Player for ten years, indicating how well-liked it is with consumers. Although it has a good reputation, many people find the commercials to be an inconvenience. On our website, you can download the MX Player MOD APK to improve your experience and remove advertising.


Q. Describe MX Player Mod Apk.

Ans. All of the features of the conventional MX Player app are available in MX Player, which has the extra advantage of being ad-free. The overall video viewing experience is improved with the addition of unlocked features and support for AC3/DTS audio codecs.

Q. What distinguishes MX Player from other applications that play videos?

Ans. Due to its capability to smoothly play a variety of video formats on mobile devices, MX Player differs from other video player apps. Moreover, it offers video resolution upgrade, supports multiple language subtitles, and now has a built-in file-sharing capability.

Q. How can MX Player be installed on my Firestick?

Ans. You must first install the Downloader app on your Fire TV in order to install MX Player on your Firestick. Next, turn on the setting in the Downloader app’s settings that permits downloads from untrusted sources. Next, access the MX Player download website using the Downloader app and follow the setup instructions.

Q. Can I use MX Player to play videos from Chrome?

Ans. Yes, you may view videos from Chrome in MX Player if you first save them to your smartphone. On your smartphone, launch Google Chrome, start the video, and as it begins to play, seek for a save option. After saved, the video will show up in the MX Player playlist where it may be played.

Q. What are the MX Player app’s main features?

Ans. Easy file sharing, background playback that enables multitasking while watching a movie, video zoom to improve viewing, multilingual subtitle support, and a kid’s lock function for kid-safe viewing are some of the main features of the MX Player software.

Q. What characteristics does MX Player MOD APK have?

Ans. By eliminating all kinds of advertising, MX Player APK provides an ad-free experience and guarantees uninterrupted video viewing. For a better audio experience, it also offers unlocked features and compatibility for AC3/DTS audio codecs.

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