Nowadays, everyone seeks a safe and result-proven approach to help them eliminate stubborn fat. Usually, excess fat, especially in your chin, can affect your self-confidence. Even though most people try dietary planning and exercise, this doesn’t reap tremendous results. However, coolsculpting Forest Hills procedures provide a quick and safe solution to help you eliminate stubborn fat for good. This effective approach works by freezing down the cells and doesn’t include any side effects.

Although there is no doubt that you will experience better outcomes after your CoolSculpting treatment, you still have a crucial part to play in guaranteeing better results in the long run. Let’s examine the six ways to minimize side effects and enhance your CoolSculpting results.

1.     Keenly follow your providers’ aftercare guidelines

Usually, after your CoolSculpting treatment, your provider will provide aftercare instructions to boost your recovery. Although the guidelines vary with each individual, the instructions include massaging the treated area and applying ice packs in case of swelling. Also, your provider can recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing for a certain duration after your treatment session. Regardless of what instructions you will receive, you must follow them to ensure top-notch results and minimize potential complications.

2.     Keep off cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking habits constrict blood vessels and decrease blood flow, especially in the treated area. This affects your healing process and increases your chances of suffering a complication. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption slows your recovery, dehydrates your body, and causes swelling and discomfort in the treatment area. After your CoolSculpting treatment, you must not smoke or drink alcohol to boost your healing.

3.     Avoid heavy lifting

Strenuous activities can pressure the treated area, which can cause more complications. Therefore, you should take a break from any activity that can strain your body for about one week after CoolSculpting. Typically, intense workouts decrease blood flow in the treatment area which can cause swelling and discomfort. Allowing your body enough time to heal will enhance your recovery.

4.     Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

After your CoolSculpting treatment, your body must process and dispose of dead cells naturally. Therefore, drinking plenty of water will support your body’s natural process of removing waste and fasten your CoolSculpting results. Also, avoiding caffeinated beverages would help.

5.     Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Although CoolSculpting will eliminate the fat cells in your body, this doesn’t rule out the fact that others can develop. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in diet and exercise, would help. A healthy lifestyle ensures that you enjoy long-term CoolSculpting results.

6.     Constantly attend your follow-up sessions

While some people only need one treatment session to achieve their desired results, others may require multiple sessions depending on the fat they seek to eliminate. Therefore, if your provider recommends that your condition requires more than one session, it’s best that you follow up to get your desired results. Also, during the sessions, your provider will assess your progress and offer instructions.

Worry no further if you’ve been looking for a non-surgical and effective option to eliminate stubborn body fat, as CoolSculpting will provide you with exemplary results. While the treatment requires patience as you wait for results, a healthy lifestyle will ensure you experience better results sooner. Why live with unwanted body fat when you can benefit from CoolSculpting treatments? Schedule your treatment sessions today!


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