Has your dentist recommended sinus bone augmentation to facilitate dental implant placement? Among the consequences of tooth loss is bone loss; without a bone to fuse on or into your jaw, dental implants can’t be successful. While adding bone mass to facilitate dental implant placement is among the main reasons Glendale sinus bone augmentation may be recommended, the procedure offers other notable benefits. The procedure entails lifting the sinuses and adding bone inside your upper jaw, to deliver the following benefits:

Restore your smile

Bone loss usually results from tooth loss or periodontal disease. The loss impacts your smile, especially when you are missing front teeth. Upper jaw bone restoration helps improve your appearance. With easier dental implant placement, you further restore a striking smile. Appearance is a critical consideration since it adds to your confidence, making socializing and managing your routine easier.

Improve dental function

Bone loss impacts oral functions, including speaking, biting, and chewing. You can easily overlook such functions, but they hold a significant impact. For example, when you can’t bite and chew well, you risk concerns like choking and dealing with digestive problems. On the other hand, speech difficulties make it harder to ensure your voice is heard since you won’t be as confident talking in public. Sinus bone augmentation restores the lost mass, making dental functions more comfortable.

Further bone loss prevention

Sinus bone augmentation, especially when accompanied by dental implants, can stop bone loss in its tracks. Bone loss due to periodontitis or tooth loss only worsens if left unattended. This is mainly because bone loss progresses due to the lack of stimulation in the missing tooth’s gap. With the added bone and dental implant, your bone mass will be restored and remain stimulated since dental implants function like natural teeth. This means you won’t have to worry about further bone loss, making maintaining a healthier and bright smile easier.

Tooth loss prevention

Bone loss means your teeth won’t be strongly anchored. This is more so if the loss is due to a missing tooth or teeth. The weaker bone increases tooth loss chances. Moreover, the uneven pressure distribution due to the gap forces the teeth to shift. The shifting and weaker anchoring mean you can easily lose more teeth, which sinus bone augmentation and dental implants help avoid. Restoring the bone mass means your teeth get adequate support to stay in place. Bridging the gap with implants also ensures the teeth get enough support to avoid shifting. With such contributions, you will have an easier time keeping the remaining natural teeth in position for years.

Sinus augmentation surgery may initially only feel essential in your dental implant quests. Nonetheless, the procedure delivers more than an increased dental implant success rate. The increased bone mass helps improve your facial appearance, complete your smile, and enhance dental function and health. Regaining the feel, looks, and function enhances your confidence and overall wellness, making the surgery a worthy consideration. Contact LA Dentists Group for more on sinus augmentation, if you are a good candidate, and how the procedure can help.


By Grace