What Are Social Media And Viral Marketing Strategies?

The world of marketing is constantly evolving with new developments taking place on a daily basis. Marketing is no longer the traditional concept of sending out printed brochures and business cards to advertise a product or service. These marketing tools have been replaced by more sophisticated online marketing strategies that include social media, search engine marketing, and pay per click advertising. While the basic elements remain, these marketing strategies have proven to be extremely effective.

The Evolution Of Marketing

Marketing has evolved from its basic roots to become a complex concept that incorporates many elements for the consumer to consider. Marketing theory considers three basic components; product concept, marketing strategy and the perception of the market. Each of these key concepts has an individual perspective, which influences the overall marketing concept and strategy. As a result, marketers must continually update themselves to reflect the ever changing consumer’s perspective on products and services. The latest method to boost marketing efforts is to use websites like SocialWick to reach a wider audience.

Product concept And Selling

It is based on the idea that selling a product is all about finding a need and filling that need with a unique solution. Selling concepts such as quality, service, affordability and an overall perceived value attached to the product or service being sold creates a need and sells it. As new products are developed, marketing concepts which promote the same product concept are used to sell them.

In addition, selling concepts such as customer loyalty, a perceived need and brand loyalty form the basis of marketing research. These concepts are part of the product development strategy and are directly linked to selling. A well developed marketing research program includes customer segmentation and focus groups where the objective is to determine what the consumer’s needs are. These studies help identify what types of products and services consumers feel they need most and what aspects they are most desirous of having.

Marketing And Advetising

The concept of marketing is also linked to advertising, which is an activity designed to promote a product or service to the consuming public. Advertisements are designed to solve problems, to persuade consumers to purchase a product or to attract consumers to certain services. Advertising uses many different types of communication including magazines, newspapers, television, movies and the Internet.

Marketing focuses on creating awareness, satisfying consumers and increasing profit. These concepts are important components of the overall marketing strategy of any company. Consumer awareness refers to creating a positive image for a company so consumers will make a purchase. Satisfying consumers refer to making sure a product or service delivers on promised results and providing a service that is expected of it. Profit is associated with marketing strategies such as advertising, the creation of a product or service and creating a market for it.

Connecting Consumers

Influencer marketing is a marketing concept that focuses on connecting with consumers through their personal networks such as social media. It takes the form of online marketing through blog posting, social networking and social bookmarking. When applied influencer marketing allows companies to share a message with specific communities. The message reaches a targeted audience through the shared experience of a friend or colleague. Consumers who engage in influencer marketing are interested in the latest trends and want to be informed about them.

Viral Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a marketing strategy that uses a word of mouth viral marketing technique to spread a marketing message to a large audience. Word of mouth is the first form of marketing because it occurs between people who have nothing in common with one another. Companies who create a message that is interesting, related to current events or has some kind of hook can use this form of viral marketing to reach an audience that would not normally have been reached by traditional forms of marketing.

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