The internet is full of adult websites and inappropriate content that you wouldn’t want your kids to access. According to a report, around 80% of teenagers watch pornographic content on the internet, leading to lifetime addiction.

In addition, experts have recorded adult content traffic from corporate offices during business hours. So people must monitor their children and employees’ browsing history to ensure these actions are off-limit.

How do I track my kids’ phones remotely without their knowledge? It is a question that most worried parents are searching on the internet. Online safety for kids should be the priority for every parent, and that’s why in this article, we’ll show you how to monitor the browsing history.

Why do people need to track browser history?

By the time an increasing number of children have access to the internet without any adult supervision, that leads to more cybercrimes cases. In addition, employees waste time in the office by using social media apps or watching inappropriate videos online.

Apart from these problems, more reasons make a person feel the need to track the browser history of another phone. We listed three main reasons to track websites visited on the target phone.


Parents are anxious about what their children are searching on the browser because there is lots of unethical content. For example, they can watch porn, search for drugs online, violence, and more. That’s why folks prefer to monitor kids’ online search history so they can prevent such things from happening.


Relationships are complicated for some people as partners; can’t trust their partners. If your spouse is spending hours on the phone, you would want to see yourself what they’re searching for on the browser.


Employers prefer monitoring their employees’ browsing history because they want to know whether employees are searching for work-related stuff or wasting time. Bosses can fire people who watch inappropriate content in the office or block those websites to avoid distractions.

Track web browsers by physically accessing phones

Now, as you’ve learned the importance of tracking browsing history, you must be wondering how to do it. Well, we’re here for your guidance and will tell you how to do it. The first method is pretty easy, and you will have to physically access your child’s or employee’s phone and do it.

You will open the browser on the phone and use the history option offered by the browser. That way, you can track browser history, delete it, and block websites. But it’s a risky way if you want to do it more than once. However, you can get caught quickly, and you won’t be able to convince your kids, spouse, or employees that your intentions were not wrong.

Remotely track web browser history with TheWiSpy

The better approach is that you get an app to track internet history. People have mostly the question about how to track browsing history secretly, and we have an answer for that. There are spying apps available that can get you data remotely without physically accessing the mobile. So you will be able to track every digital and online activity of your target simultaneously.

TheWiSpy is the best app to track internet history, and you can get it at an affordable price. It has exceptional remote features such as location tracking, social media tracking, web browser tracking, and more. It takes three steps to get you there.

Step 1

Sign up for TheWiSpy:

We will start by going to the pricing page on the official TheWiSpy website. There will be three plans, basic, premium, and platinum. All come with different features and pricing, so get the one that fits your needs. You will have to fill out the form to register yourself for TWS then pay for your plan through credit or debit card. You’re officially signed up for TheWiSpy.

Step 2

Install TheWiSpy:

The next step requires knowledge of the installation process to achieve the goal. But first, get physical access to the target’s phone, then use the URL to download web browser tracker spyware. After that, you can wait for it to install on the phone then accept all the terms and conditions. The important part is to give TheWiSpy permissions to access installed applications and stored data to track websites visited by the target.

Step 3

Track browsing history:

You will have to log in to the dashboard to track your browsing history. There you’ll find all the offered features, and users can command to get any stored information they want.

TheWiSpy remote browsing features

TheWiSpy has numerous tracking features, and we are going to discuss the critical remote browsing features so you can learn how to track browsing history secretly.

·         Track web browser history:

You will be able to track the browser history of any phone you want using this feature. This app will show the complete history of what web pages have been searched in the past. Of course, your target won’t get any knowledge about this activity.

·         View bookmarks and cookies:

You can view bookmarks and cookies via browser history tracker app. It will give you a complete vision of what your kid is accessing daily.

·         Block websites:

It is one of the best features and most used by parents and employers. If you find your child or employee watching inappropriate content while monitoring them, you can block those websites.

·         View downloads:

People download videos, images, and files from web browsers. You can’t guarantee that kids will always watch healthy content, so you got to keep an eye on them. It offers this service so you can view what children are downloading through the internet and delete these files if needed.

·        Get alerts:

You can set alerts using the keylogger feature and restrict some bad words through this function. So, whenever your child for searches for something containing these words, you’ll get alerts.


Life can get complicated when things aren’t in our hands, which goes for parenting and managing offices. So you better know what your kids are doing on their smartphones all day, or either your employees are doing their jobs with entire focus or not.

When you fail to keep track, then you can always get help from monitoring apps. It will let you monitor anyone’s browsing history remotely and give you daily reports on your children’s online usage. You will have all the necessary knowledge in your hands so you can ensure your kids are safe in the outside world.



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