Did you know that the first 3D printer was invented in the mid-1980s? If you are wondering what the latest trends are in the print technologies world, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share the top printing company nyc trends that you can expect to see a rise in.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in 2022. 

1. More Personalization

Due to the rise in people working from home more people are looking to make their at-home workspaces more personalized. This has caused printed pictures, custom backdrops, custom wall decor, and personalized wall graphics to be more in demand. 

This trend has been on the rise and will continue to rise as work from home employees are looking for ways to create a more personalized and professional workspace. 

2. Election Signage

Have you ever seen an event that requires more temporary signage than an election? There is everything from direct mailers to bumper stickers to yard signs that keep printing services busy all the way leading up to the election. There’s even an event badge printing app to print badges on demand at the entrance.

This is why services such as flexographic printing plates will be very busy keeping up with the demands of election signage. 

3. Sustainability Efforts Continue to Rise

Another printing technology trend is being more mindful of the environment and sustainability. Manufacturers are providing alternative materials that are more eco-friendly such as using recycled water bottles, or recyclable materials. 

Those companies that have been applying eco-friendly applications to their printing, will continue to improve their sustainability guidelines while printing products. 

4. New Equipment

Although spending money on new equipment is not what most company owners want to do, in the printing world, upgrading equipment is necessary due to recent color trends and more interest in sustainability. Investing in a new printer is not only about replacing what you were previously using but you can also improve your output and your efficiency. 

For example, newer laser printer technologies will more than likely offer you faster turnaround times due to increased speeds. Newer printers also offer higher quality than a printer that was released just five years ago because of how quickly technology has been changing. 

One more reason that new equipment is a trend is that the repair costs are cheaper. Since it is more difficult to find older printer parts, if you have to repair an older machine that you own the cost of the parts will add up quickly and might end up costing you more than simply buying new equipment.  

What Do You Think of These Print Technologies Trends?

Now that we shared the top print technologies for this new year, what are your thoughts? New printing technology has come a long way from when it first started and pretty much everything we can imagine can now be printed. 

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