Autumn is the season that marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. It serves as the transitional period between the two extremes and hence, makes for an ideal time to go on trips and explore the beauties of the world. This is the time when most countries are doused in the rich colours of nature. Trees bear new colourful leaves and fruits making the world look like a garden descended from heaven. So, how about taking the traveller in you on an exciting adventure and exploring the majestic destinations of the world this Autumn? Here, we list out the top 12 destinations you must fly to this Autumn season.

  • Santorini, Greece – Overlooking the sea, Santorini is a world-renowned destination known for its beautiful whitewashed houses with blue domes. It is one of the Cyclades Islands and is perfect to spend autumn as you can explore here turquoise waters, enjoy boat excursions, and revel in Greek cuisine. The colourful vegetation and flowers adorning the town are the highlights.
  • Rome, Italy – Offering romance all around with its colourful trees and gardens, Rome resembles nothing less than a paradise during the Autumn season. Visit it and explore its ancient sites, archaeological wonders, historical beauties, and a lot more. During this season, the sightseeing tours and accommodation are also cheaper.
  • Hawaii – Autumn in Hawaii is like experiencing cool weather with dozens of festivals. Yes! During this season, Hawaii celebrates a number of local festivals attended by people from all around the world. Hawaii is known for its natural beauty, adventure sports, and of course, cultural prominence. Visit this US state and make your vacation memorable.
  • Kashmir, India – Watch chinar trees in Kashmir covering roads and gardens with golden leaves during the autumn season. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India and is often referred to as heaven on earth. From Mughal Gardens to snow-clad hills and Dal Lake to Gulmarg grasslands, everything deserves to be explored at least once.
  • Bhutan – One of the most peaceful places on earth, Bhutan is a culturally rich and naturally significant country that is frequented for its forts, monasteries, forests, and the Himalayas. Here, you have deep valleys to explore and mountain-top temples to marvel at. The cliffside monasteries with caves are surely going to leave you in awe.
  • Mauritius – Plan a tour of this Mauritian land where nature meets culture in complete solidarity. Though it is a famous honeymoon destination, it attracts travellers of all kinds due to its beautiful beach resorts, corals, and cultural delights. Here, you can indulge in island hopping and several adventure sports. Download the travel app and book cheap flights today to find what it has in store for you.
  • Vermont, United States – There is nothing as colourful as Vermont when it comes to autumn beauties in the United States. Take a step out and you have the most colourful world in front of your eyes. Those beautifully-painted houses and trees dipped in all the hues of nature would surely send you into a world of retirement. So, no wonder it should be on your bucket list for autumn travels.
  • Ibiza, Spain – A Spanish island flourishing in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is popular for its vibrant nightlife and high-spirited lifestyle. Visit it during autumn and watch fall colours dominating the landscape of the island. Apart from its lively restaurants, bars, and cafes, you also have a fair share of history to explore.
  • Peru – Peru is a South American Country with a history of thousands of years. One of the wonders of the world, the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is located here. The kind of mountains and greenery you would encounter in this gorgeous nation is peerless. So, make your way this October and be ready to explore the hidden gems of the world.
  • Capri, Italy – Italy is full of places where autumn falls in a quintessential manner. And Capri, an island located off the Sorrento Peninsula, is one of these prepossessing destinations where you are bound to witness the magic of nature. From cliffside settlements to sandy beaches and a beautiful harbour to a glamourous township, everything deserves to be noted.
  • Lisbon, Portugal – The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon has everything that a traveller looks forward to exploring on a vacation. Being a coastal city, it has wonderful shores and being a town from the Roman era, it has cultural as well as historical prominence. Several cheap flights ply to Lisbon from around the world on a daily basis.
  • Cyprus – This island country is one of the best destinations in the world to visit this autumn. Plan a tour and explore its beaches, archeological sites, wineries, castles, historical monuments, and a lot more. So, without any further ado, download travel apps like MakeMyTrip to find cheap flights, compare flights, and avail other flight deals and offers.