Are you looking for an activity that will help you get in your daily dose of exercise while also improving your mood? Escape rooms have you covered. Not only do they offer a heart-pounding good time, but they can help you improve your social and fine motor skills too. 

The problem is that there are well over 2,000 escape rooms in the US right now. Which one do you choose to go to? 

Besides your location, there are a few more factors to consider when choosing the best escape rooms near me. Check out this guide to learn what they are.

What Is an Escape Room?

Before you start calling around to find details on escape rooms, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what they are. In short, they’re a game that involves locking a group of people in a room. The group has to solve a series of puzzles to get out. 

Sometimes, one puzzle will clear the way into another room, which will require the group to (big surprise) solve more puzzles. 

The group has to use their time wisely because they’re on a crunch. In most cases, they have an hour to escape before they have to admit defeat. 

Number of Players 

Take a headcount of how many people you have in your group before you book a room. Due to the number of puzzles that most rooms require you to solve, you won’t be able to make the time limit with only two people. 

This being said, if all you can get is two people, there are some facilities that have rooms that can meet your needs. The best escape room advice you should take to heart is to ask. 

Pick a Theme 

Most facilities have an escape room guide on their site that will tell you the theme of every room they have available. 

For example, let’s say that you want to do a room around Halloween. A murder mystery room would be great for that. 

Facilitated or Non-Facilitated 

The last thing you need to consider is your experience level. If you’re an escape room novice, going with a non-facilitated room might leave you more frustrated than entertained. 

Non-facilitated means that the game master will leave you to struggle without giving you any hints. If you get stuck on a puzzle, you’ll remain stuck until the game ends and you lose. 

If you’re not that experienced with escape rooms, facilitated rooms are the better option.

The game master will watch you and your group on screens. If you’ve been struggling with a puzzle for a hot minute, they will give you hints via a walkie-talkie. You’ll also be able to ask them questions if need be. 

Choosing the Best Escape Rooms Near Me 

Are you looking for a thrilling activity that all your friends and family will enjoy? Start Googling “best escape rooms near me.” 

Depending on your location, you’ll get a lot of results. We hope you can use the escape room tips you’ve read here today to find the best option for your group. 

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