America is the home of space because of its rich history, push for modern space exploration, and countless destinations throughout the states. This is excellent news if you’re trying to plan a field trip to enhance a science topic. From the Griffith Observatory to the Kennedy Space Centre, we’ve gathered together six popular field trip ideas.  

Griffith Observatory, California

There’s no surprise that the Griffith Observatory takes the top spot on this list. Stealing a prime location in the Hollywood Hills, you’ll get unparalleled views of the landscape and sky above. Along with the permanent fixtures and incredible space instruments to see, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. As well as being a treat for any space enthusiast, the center provides an incredible school program, which includes field trips. 

Discover Space Centre, Colorado

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Pikes Peak region, you can pay a visit to The Space Foundation’s Discovery Space Centre, which is a fantastic educational resource. There’s plenty to see and do there including science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) – as well as investigating the history of space. When it comes to space field trips, you can’t go wrong with visiting this fantastic community hub. 

Orlando Science Center, Florida

As well as being home to some of the world’s greatest theme parks, Orlando has a rich space culture. Away from the busy tourist hub, you will find the Orlando Science Center, which offers a thoroughly entertaining experience for children – and adults. After a field trip to this science hub, your class will have lifelong memories and a head full of space knowledge. 

McDonald Observatory, Texas

Attached to the University of Texas, the McDonald Observatory has been a key player in American space exploration. After Neil Armstrong ventured to the Moon in 1969, this observatory made contact with the reflector using a laser, which allowed us to accurately measure the Moon’s distance from the Earth. If you’re looking for an immersive experience for your students, look no further. 

Lowell Observatory, Arizona

Arizona is home to the Lowell Observatory, which is famed for Clyde Tombaugh’s discovery of Pluto. Even though it’s not classified as a planet these days, it’s still a notable achievement in space exploration. On a field trip to Lowell Observatory, your students will benefit from educational talks, guided tours, and plenty of history to explore. As well as this, you can provide the unique experience of looking through their powerful telescope, which is fantastic when the clouds are clear. 

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The Kennedy Space Center is another space gem in Orlando. Unlike other locations in this list, you can witness the loud rumbles of live rockets blasting off into space. As well as the perfect seats for the launch, there are plenty of exhibits from spacecraft, including the Saturn V Rocket. 

You will be spoiled for choice when planning a space field trip, and this list only just scratches the surface. America’s history with space exploration is so deep that there’s something to visit in the majority of the 51 states.