Living in Atlanta has many benefits, including the rich diversity that can be found there. Atlanta is the second-largest majority-black metro area in the US, with about 51% of the population identifying as black. In addition, Atlanta has one of the 19th-largest per-capita LGBTQ+ populations in the US. Atlanta is regarded as the second-best gay-friendly city in the US, in fact. Atlanta is without a doubt the friendliness of the locals. You can count on receiving a warm greeting and a nod of approval almost everywhere you go in the South. Atlanta houses for sale are extremely affordable when compared to other significant metropolitan areas. Every suburb of the city has distinctive qualities that add to its charm or eccentricity. All across the Atlanta region, you may find economical homes and fully-furnished apartments, whether you’re searching for open spaces or walkability, to rent or to buy. There are many things to do in Atlanta; see these free activities this winter.

Breman Museum

A Breman Family Pass can now be borrowed from any of Georgia’s 407 public libraries. It can be borrowed from the library just like any other item and used to get four free public admissions to the Breman Museum. A museum dedicated to Jewish history, culture, and the arts, the Breman Museum hosts both ongoing and seasonal exhibits.

Federal Reserve Museum

Find out how the government manages the money supply and why the government believes that we need a Federal Reserve System. Kids will also enjoy seeing what $1 million looks like. Free self-guided tours are only offered throughout the week.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

This is one of the best children’s museums thanks to the recent upgrades. Every year, there are four Family Free Days at the CMA in downtown Atlanta. Pre-registration is required. This is one of Atlanta’s most well-liked freebies for families, so be prepared for a throng as well. There are also Fulton County Free Days available.

Woodruff Park

A visit to Woodruff Park is the ideal way to spend the day because it has a Peace Fountain, public art and sculptures, a distinctive playground, a courtyard plaza, free WiFi, bocce ball, table tennis, special events, and lots of greenery.

MLK National Historic Site

Visit the Visitor Center, the Civil Rights Hall of Fame, and Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. preached. Explore Dr. King’s birthplace, the Eternal Flame, the first integrated fire station, and his mausoleum.

Piedmont Park

One of Atlanta’s best playgrounds, wonderful open play areas, a great lake, and a selfie opportunity with the city’s skyline. In Piedmont Park’s dog park, we also enjoy watching the dogs play. If you go close to Park Tavern at the correct time, you can also enjoy free live music as the sun sets behind the Atlanta skyline. The Park Tavern tent next to Piedmont Park hosts free music every Sunday from 7:30 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Jackson Street Bridge

The Jackson Street Bridge is arguably one of the most well-liked locations for selfies in Atlanta. Due to how popular it is, there are even plans to construct a small park nearby. For now, try street parking on the side streets; going there just before dusk is fantastic.

Big Tree Forest Preserve

There are soaring trees, streams, hiking trails, bridges, and wildflowers. The entrance to this modest woodland in Sandy Springs is located in a nearby business building’s parking lot, making it hidden from the majority of onlookers.