Did you know that 88% of the American workforce admit that they procrastinate at work for at least one hour every day?

For employers, that’s a costly problem! If you have a staff of 10, that’s at least 10 hours of pay you’ll be wasting every day with nothing to show for it. But, what can you do?

One of the main ways to beat procrastination in your workforce is by increasing motivation. If your team is feeling motivated to work and pumped for the day ahead, they’re much less likely to waste time.

Learn how to inspire motivation in your team with this guide.

Create Pride in Your Team

Someone who’s proud to be part of the team they’re in is always going to be more motivated to work. One of the biggest causes of procrastination and underperforming staff is when they simply don’t care enough. Create a team that’s proud and you should see productivity grow.

A great example of how to improve pride comes from the army. The divisions within the army all have names, their own mottos, and even custom challenge coins that the troops can carry with them. Their division name means something important to them, and that’s the same ethos you have to create with your staff.

Recognize and Reward Hard Work

If you’re looking to inspire and motivate, you need to recognize hard work. People love to receive recognition when they’ve done something well, and if they know that they could be rewarded for their work, they’re likely to be more motivated. Make sure to tell people when they’ve done a good job, and give out treats occasionally for outstanding work. 

Some employers will do this randomly, taking staff out for lunch or giving them gift vouchers when they’ve noticed hard work. Others will have a specific time when they reward good work, such as an awards ceremony or a monthly prize for the most sales.

The key here is to make it personal and explain why the employee is being recognized. They need to know their name hasn’t simply been pulled out of a hat!

Set Realistic Team Goals 

Goals are key for improving workplace motivation. Make sure any that you set are realistic and won’t push your team too hard, but just enough to keep them working.

A great way to ensure goals inspire productivity is by making them team orientated. If the whole team is responsible for a task, each member will be less willing to take a loss and let the others down.

Focus on Positivity to Create a Happy Team

There’s a lot of research out there showing that happy employees perform better, generating almost 40% more sales than their less happy competitors! Creating positivity in your workplace could be just what you need to inspire morale. You can do this by:

  • Treating your staff with respect
  • Coming into work with a positive attitude yourself
  • Not focusing too much on failures
  • Celebrating wins
  • Taking a positive interest in your staff’s lives

You can also do simple things like playing happy music on a Monday morning to welcome people back to work or adding more plants to your office. These may seem like tiny changes, but they can make a big difference in the happiness of your office!

Provide Food and Drinks

Career motivation isn’t always about the work itself. Sometimes, a simple change in the office can boost morale and help people work harder. One example is by providing your team with healthy snacks and drinks.

People don’t work as well or feel as good when they’re hungry and thirsty. So, stock up on snack bars and provide plenty of spaces for staff to fill up water bottles or make a hot drink. By fuelling their body, you help to fuel their minds and create a more motivated workforce.

Encourage Healthy Living

Along the same line of thought is the encouragement of healthy living. Just as staying hydrated and full can help staff stay positive and boost morale, so can a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your team to exercise, get outside, and eat better.

This might sound like a tough task, but it’s actually very simple! For example, you can leave pamphlets at your reception desk with healthy recipes and exercise routines. Provide incentives for getting exercise, like giving staff an extra 10-minute break for a walk outside or offering discounts for gym memberships. 

Not only does a healthy lifestyle improve focus and general mental wellness, but it’ll also show your staff that you care about them. By taking an interest in their wellbeing, you instantly create a more caring and happier environment to work in.

Inspire Motivation by Staying Flexible

Employees who can work more flexibly are far more likely to stay motivated. Giving your staff more freedom over how and when they get their work done is likely to reduce procrastination and improve efficiency.

They can work when they know they’re the most motivated – which is different for everyone – and will also feel more positive about their job in general. 

Action These Ideas For a Motivated Workforce

As an employer trying to inspire motivation, you’re already on the right path. By learning how you can create a more positive, upbeat environment where your staff are ready to work, you’re doing half of the work already! Now it’s time to start actioning these ideas to see real change in your staff.

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