Wasps on your property aren’t just a huge nuisance-they can also be a health risk.

But, how do you get rid of wasps if they’re already swarming around your home?

Read on to learn about how to get rid of wasps.

Identify If You Have Wasps

First, you’ll have to figure out if you actually have a wasp infestation. Look out for the signs of wasps on your property. If you have a large number of wasps on your property, that could be a solid indicator.

Take a look at different areas of your property where wasp nests could form. These could include any trees on your property, your fences, or on windowsills. 

Protect Yourself

When you’re getting rid of wasps, you should be careful to protect yourself from wasp stings. Wear the right protective wardrobe to keep yourself safe. That’s especially true if you have particularly aggressive wasps. Look into the different types of wasps so you can identify yours. Make sure you do your research and find out, “are paper wasps aggressive?”

And, be sure not to antagonize the wasps. Don’t swat at the wasps because that will make them think you’re aggressive and, therefore, make it more likely for them to attack you.

Try The DIY Approach

There are a few ways you can attempt to get rid of wasps. A fake nest may confuse the wasps and deter wasps from congregating on your property, but this is more of a preventative approach.

You can try and make your own wasp trap out of a two-liter bottle that you can then fill with bait. Once your trap is full, you can freeze it to kill the wasps.

If you’re feeling lucky and you’ve located your wasp nest, you can pour boiling water into the nest to kill all the wasps. However, if any wasps get free, it may be time to run for your life. You can buy specific wasp-killing sprays to remove any loose wasps that remain on your property.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the wasps, you’ll want to prevent wasps from coming back in the future. You can use insecticides to treat areas where wasp nests may be liable to form.

Hire The Professionals

At a certain point, you may need to bite the bullet and just hire professional pest removal experts to remove wasps from your property.  This will avoid injury and stop wasp infestations from recurring.

Plus, pest removal experts can give you advice on other insect issues you may be having while they remove the wasps from your home.

How to Get Rid of Wasps? Now You Know

Now that you know how to get rid of wasps, you won’t have to struggle with different insects on your property. So, don’t fret. Just make sure you follow these steps very carefully, and you’ll be bug-free.

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