Saudi Arabia Pavilion Shines

Dubai Expo 2020 organisers have nailed it in the first month and already made it a “huge success” with an impressive 2,350,868 visitors in the month of October itself. A host of entertainers, seminars and memorable events not only attract people from Saudi Arabia but from all over the world.

Till now more than 28 percent of visitors who came to see are under 18 years of age and this amount will grow in the upcoming days because of the growth of Expo school programmes in the winter season.

Among all visitors, 17 percent of people came from other countries and this fact is quite notable because the Expo is taking place when countries all around still have travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

About 185 countries take part in Expo but the top five most notable countries which have a famous overseas marker are Germany, France, India, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Most of the visitors intend to visit the Expo again with more than half of the visitors (53%) holding a full Season Pass, more than a quarter of people (27%) holding a Multi-Day Pass and 20 percent of the people having a Single-Day Pass.

Around 1938 government officials which include presidents, ministers, prime ministers and many more visited their own countries Expo Pavilion and they also celebrated their country’s Expo National Day as well.

It happens for the first time that each country has its own pavilion in Expo 2020 and this proves the popularity of the event.

The Pavillion of Saudi Arabia is the largest and most visited pavilion with half a million visitors already.

Around 5,610 events have been staged in the Dubai Expo 2020 in its first month itself.

As the winter season is coming in UAE, it is expected that the number of visitors will gradually increase and also a number of programmes as well.

All About Saudi Arabia’s Pavillion

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion in the Expo 2020 has an unexpected number of visitors on the UAE’s 50th National Day. The visitors include both the residents and people from other countries as well.

The Pavillion Organisers said that at 1 pm in the afternoon, more than 60,000 visitors came to see the 13,059 square metre structure and all the crowd was also maintaining a queue for their turn.

Maha-al-Fagir, a staff of the Saudi Arabia Pavilion said that it has been “very busy” as the pavilion holds the LEED Platinum certification and it is the second-largest pavilion in Expo 2020 and also quite famous among the crowd.

The visitors will be greeted in the pavilion with the beautiful and striking structure of a five-storey building that spreads over a huge area that is bigger than two football grounds.

The structure of the building is the amalgamation of both the present and future. The building has a gigantic window that only adds to the futuristic theme. The visitors will also be awed by the beautiful waterfall with which they will be welcomed.

The visitors in the Saudi pavilion can experience 14 different cultural landmarks along with an escalator ride as well. These cultural landmarks include all UNESCO certified World Heritage sites like Hegre Archaeological Site, Historic Jeddah, Rock Art and al-Ahsa Oasis.

Visitors can also go through an audiovisual guide to 23 other destinations as well which includes world-leading giga-projects thereby paving the way for eco-friendliness in the future.

After this, the visitors can enter “Vision”, a one of a kind exhibition by Saudi artists only. Where visitors can see a 30-metre floating virtual sphere.

Finally, the visitors can also experience the ‘Discovery Centre’, which is an innovative platform to connect with the leaders of other regions to discuss the partnerships and investment plannings through an interactive Saudi Arabia’s digital map.

The pavilion also earned three Guinness World Records: the largest lighting floor with more than 8,000 LED lights, the longest water channel that covers 32 metres and the largest LED mirror screen that spreads for 1302.5 square metres.

The Women’s Pavilion

Inside a hall that is dark yet star-spangled, people can see faces of known and unknown women that are shining and decorating the wall. The Sheba Queen who crossed dessert to give a precious gift to King Solomon, picture of Amina, the warrior queen of Nigeria, Emmeline Pankhurst who led sufferers to earn women voting rights in the UK, Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the mother of UAE  and also an icon of women empowerment.

This section of the wall is for the achievers in the Women pavilion, the first that happened at a world fair. People can see details of their countless achievements and this person to understand that these women are stars, heroes themselves.

The Dubai Expo also joins hands with Cartier to give highlights to change-makers in the world who all have provided significant yet forgotten contributions to our society. This move helps to know about women empowerment and gender equality in Dubai, where people can see women in important leadership roles and positions.

There are a lot of sections in the women’s pavilion where eminent women personalities from around the world show about history, the rise of women, women empowerment and all. But in the third and final section people can experience audiovisual art that reflects the voices of women from all around the world.

Breaking the stereotypes and destroying all the misconceptions, the pavilion tries to show the contribution of both men and women in women empowerment across the world to give inspiration to all the visitors of any age to make a change in their community and beyond.

These are a few details of the Dubai Expo 2020 and if you missed visiting the Expo this time, you can enjoy detailed videos, interviews on youtube. If you want to attend next time, book your ticket early. For example, if you are travelling from Riyadh, try to book your Riyadh to Dubai flight ticket well before the actual starting date of the next Expo.


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