If you’re worried about your security and the sort of image you’re portraying to your customers, then an ISO 27001 certification is sure to help. The globally recognised certification gives you an edge over your competitors, improves your ranking, and gives your clients more reason to trust you. But that’s not all that it provides!

There are multiple benefits to the ISO certification for your business. But there are mainly six you need to hear about!

An Edge for New Business

With ISO 27001 Certification, you can demonstrate good security practices. Your clients will appreciate the effort you’re making for your security purposes, and it will improve all your working relationships and help you retain your existing clients.

Not to mention, it gives your marketing a proven edge against all your competitors. You’ll be on the same level as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon!

Avoids Data Breaches

Do you know what comes with data breaches? There are several financial penalties and losses. That’s apart from the loss in reputation and trust of your clients. But, the certification saves you from the financial losses that come with data breaches!

Enhances Your Reputation

There’s a new cyberattack almost daily, and these days they’re getting stronger! Without the security posture that certification offers, data breaches can cause irreparable damage to both your finances and reputation. For the most part, there’s little financial aid that comes through as well!

With the ISO certification, you’re protected against threats, and your reputation won’t suffer since everyone knows you’ve taken the proper steps to keep your security up to the mark.

Complies With Requirements

With the certification in place, you’re guaranteed to comply with all the requirements such as:

So, you comply with all the standard business, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements.

Improves Structure

Since your business is growing rapidly, there’s every chance that the hierarchy and delegation of responsibility for different information assets. With the standard, businesses become more structured and therefore more focused.

When a business can set out different responsibilities for different company parts, people’s focus is better. Knowing what one has to do improves performance after all!

Reduces Audit Frequency

With this certification in your metaphorical hand, you’re more or less immune to audits. At least, they won’t be happening at the same frequency. The certificate comes with a globally accepted security indication, which brings down constant customer audits. You’re reducing the number of external customer audits as well!

Independent Opinion about Security Posture

When reviewing and auditing your security measures, you tend to become a little biased. Whether it is because of inaccurate benchmarks or any other reason, having an external auditor is always a good idea.

With the ISO certification comes regular checks and reviews conducted by an external reviewer. Not only does the external reviewer have to go in, but internal reviews need to be done to have it keep up with the required standard.

Security is also continuously improving, so reviews and checks are necessary to maintain this level of improvement! An independent, external assessment provides an unbiased view of your internal security systems to ensure it’s functioning correctly!



A certain flair comes with having ISO 27001 certification for your company. Apart from the benefits for your reputation and the reduced losses in the event of a data breach, it lets you get an unbiased view of your security systems. Its global recognition and compliance with international standards help every business reach the next level!