As globalization has given the world more opportunities to expand through the exchange of products, one vital role is needed for it to be fulfilled. The bridge that connects the world for this is through the help of logistics. Logistics are the ones responsible for each product being able to reach its destination. This is true for any country, including Singapore. These logistic companies handle products to and from the country. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to do business with Singapore, what logistic company should you choose to achieve great success?

Out of the long list, if you want to choose the best logistic company in Singapore, fear no more, for we, Cogent Holdings, are here to serve you. Since the 1960s, we have been faithful to our service, which has helped us become the leading logistic company here in the country. We cater to all businesses, either big or small.

What is our business all about?

We are a logistic centre that offers multiple services to different companies. Our 1.6 billion gross floor area considers us one of Singapore’s largest logistic companies. We offer logistics services, including transportation, product warehousing, container tracking, and tank cleaning.

Product Warehousing – being the leading company for logistics, packaging, and storing is one of the company’s services. A 3.5 million square feet space intended for warehousing ensures the safety and security of the products being stored and transported by the company. To ensure that the products are of the best quality, the company has designed the product areas with the system, including well-designed areas and controlled temperatures depending on what product is to be transported. Furthermore, inventory of products is also done to ensure that the number of products is correct.

Transportation Service – the company had started in product transportation using small trucks. With hard work and perseverance, we expanded and catered more services using 100 prime movers and 400 trailers to transport customers’ products, either local or international corporations partnered with us. Furthermore, we handle transportation between ports, warehouses, and customer locations. Items include simple, house, office, and school products, dangerous chemicals, gas and oils, and even automobile transportation like motorbikes and cars.

Container Tracking – container location is placed near the highways for easy delivery access. Employees who work as surveyors are also present to ensure quality service is upheld. Services like checking for product and container quality to avoid damage during transit, cleanliness, and orderliness, technicians readily available if damage has been seen, and extra trucks for transfer if the damage is beyond repairable. All of this is monitored by surveyors to keep track of the location and condition of the product.

Tank Cleaning – the company does not only focus on product transportation but also on its cleanliness. To ensure optimal health protocol, we ensure that we follow the highest standards in cleaning to avoid product contamination. Also, they offer internal and external repairs for cargo.

Company Awards for being the leading logistic service

To prove the quality of service we offer, the company has received multiple awards that back up its claim as the leading logistic company in Singapore. Some of these awards are as follows:

  • Part of the Best 200 companies under a Billion Category
  • Achieve the Health Award Singapore on 2004
  • 1000 Best New Company in Singapore from 2012 – 2014
  • 2013 Commendation Award for Port Container Challenge
  • Certificate of completion for bizSafe Level Star
  • ISO Certification for Land Transportation Service and Warehouse Service

Company’s Social and Humanitarian Acts

Of course, besides pure business, the company also thrives on doing good by giving back to the community. This is to support a cause and help a nongovernmental organisation succeed for whatever good cause they aim for. Some of these acts are as follows:

  • $100,000 donation to children’s charities
  • $110,000 donation for a fundraising event
  • $255,000 donation for wireless tracking of 100 houses where elderly are present
  • Partnered Community Chest, a charity program that helps different social service
  • Creation of We All Love Kids project for unprivileged children
  • Gift from our Hearts House-to-House donation for the elderly.

The company’s goal is to focus on its business and make sure to participate in different causes in society. If you wish to receive a quality service for your business and participate in giving back to the community, the best way to achieve this is to be partnered with them. Not only did you succeed, but you were also able to help. It’s a win-win situation for both of you, and I was also able to practice the art of giving.