For many people, the profession of a florist is a mixed concept and not everyone understands who this specialist is and where exactly he or she can get a job, and whether he or she should study as a florist or is it just a flower seller. We will tell you all the details about the profession of “florist” in this article.

A florist is a master who composes original flower arrangements and participates in landscape design. Florists work in a flower shop, create flower arrangements, make flower bouquets, and you can order delivery of flowers in florist shops. You can order online flower delivery, just like our friends from

Floristics has several directions – you can specialize in one or choose several:

  • The specialist takes one-time orders for the design of a certain event – a festival, exhibition, concert.
  • To create a cozy atmosphere, the interiors of cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops are complemented with flower arrangements. 
  • Decoration of halls and tables, creation of accessories for a wedding celebration
  • Creation of mourning wreaths and bouquets.
  • Flower decoration of meeting rooms, business meetings, business receptions.
  • You can also use your knowledge and experience in the field of landscape design.

5 great reasons to become a florist 

There is a misconception that floristry is an exclusively female specialty. In fact, this is far from the case: men work with flowers no less willingly and achieve no less success in their business than the female half. 

  1. Unleash your creative potential

Floristry is a real expanse for creativity. You create stunning bouquets of live plants and fresh flowers, shape a riot of colors and bring your vision to life. By becoming a florist, you can help guys who want to give a bouquet to their sweetheart, but don’t know which one.

  1. Opportunity to become a sought-after specialist

Floristics and arrangement of bouquets are becoming more and more popular every year. Many salons and studios are looking for specialists with education who can make bouquets and compositions of any complexity. After completing the floristry course, you will secure a permanent or additional income.

  1. Making floristry bouquets for all occasions

After a floristry course on assembling bouquets, you can easily assemble a composition of fresh flowers for any occasion: birthday, wedding, corporate party, etc.

  1. Surround yourself with beauty

Delicate petals, saturated color leaves, refined aroma: it is always nice if there is a bouquet of floristry flowers in a vase. After training, you will be able to work with fresh flowers and create unique bouquets and compositions for yourself. Thanks to your skills, you will be able to save on florist designers. Your home can sparkle with new colors if you use your full potential.

  1. Get new skills

And even if you do not see yourself as a florist in the future, you can take courses just for yourself. In floristry courses, they teach not just to collect bouquets of flowers. Teachers tell how to work with freshly cut material, how to build a composition and combine components and colors in a bouquet.

Today, a good florist won’t be left without work. Competition in the flower business is constantly growing, and talented designers are needed everywhere. Most often they work in trade, and their main task is to create compositions from plants. In small stores, such employees simultaneously act as sales assistants. If a specialist works in the field of landscape design, then he is usually responsible for that part of the project that is directly related to the landscaping of the territory. Florists – interior decorators often work in wedding agencies and design studios. Such employees select suitable plants and decorate the premises with them according to the wishes of customers.

The salaries of florists directly depend on what exactly they do and in which organization they work. The smallest salary is for sellers in small stores (about $50.000/year). Employees of large agencies can expect a large salary. However, if you are ambitious and full of strength and energy, ready to create and give your soul to work, then by opening your own store, or maybe several, you can get much more. And it will be not only high earnings, but also gratitude from satisfied customers who want to come back again and again.