The crane industry could be worth approximately $49.64 billion by 2028, highlighting the importance of this machinery type. If you own a crane, you’ll no doubt be keen to keep it in excellent condition, rather than having to pay for new equipment sooner than is necessary.

But what are the best crane maintenance tips that you should be aware of? If you fail to take proper care of your equipment, it could fall into disrepair and become unfit for purpose.

Fortunately, learning 5 tips can help you look after your crane throughout the year. 

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1. Create a Maintenance Schedule

It’s prudent to have a maintenance schedule for your cranes, but some machines may need more attention than others. For example, if a construction crane is in use every day, it will likely require an inspection more often than a crane that is in operation once or twice a month. 

If you need to replace any part, you can order them online also. Parts like high speed solenoid valve are easily available.

2. Check Your Crane’s Alignment

If your crane is misaligned, this could lead to accidents, increased downtime, and damage being caused to other parts of the machinery. You may find it’s best to hire professional crane inspection services to check this aspect as well as other crucial crane features. 

Experts can help you keep your machinery in optimal condition, and could also give you crane maintenance tips you can use to look after your equipment between inspections. 

3. Look for Hook Damage

Your crane’s hook lifts heavy weights, and it needs to be up to the task to avoid potentially severe accidents from occurring. Look for bends or cracks in the hook and take immediate action to remedy the problem if you find any damage. 

4. Examine Your Crane’s Wheels

Your crane’s wheels can suffer wear and tear, and it’s critical to know when it’s time to replace them. Look for any signs of deterioration and determine if the wheels aren’t performing as you would expect. You can then resolve the problem to prevent it from becoming worse and posing a more serious issue.

5. Carry Out Regular Testing

You can carry out tests to check your crane is working at peak efficiency. This can be an effective way to spot any weaknesses and allow you to make prompt repairs. Have a regular schedule for testing the various crane components to help you maintain your expensive equipment. 

Crane Maintenance Is Vital

Continually updating your crane maintenance knowledge is essential to keep your equipment in peak condition. It can help to ensure your crane is correctly aligned, and that the hook and tires are in a safe condition. Reviewing your crane’s status according to how often it is used can also be important, and performing tests can help you identify any issues with your machinery.

Make keeping your crane operating efficiently an integral part of your working processes. 

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