Design is the silent ambassador of your brand—this idea was put forward by Paul Rand, the American art director and designer well-known for creating the logos of IBM, ABC, Morningstar, and many other popular brands. Indeed, what you want to say to your audience is vividly conveyed by your visual presence. Each sign and symbol has its role in displaying the core of your business. That’s why brands become picky while hiring design professionals.

Aside from creativity, understanding the target audience is another aspect of effective visual communication. To go further in that direction, it is vital to follow the latest design trends. In this post, we will discuss some of those latest design trends that can set the tone for a thriving visual existence on the internet.

1. Comprehensive Symbols

Keep it minimal, simple. Simplicity resonates with people and this is what your idea of creative design services must revolve around. Instead of loading your official brand logo with tacky patterns, let it slide with a simple and understandable design. From web and mobile UI/UX to promotional videos, simple comprehensive symbols have established a prowess in terms of engagement and can help your customers remember your brand.

If you see the variations in Google’s logo throughout the last decade, you can easily notice a pattern leaning towards a more simplified design. Yahoo, Spotify, and many other industry giants have also adopted simplicity over time. We are heading into a time when your designs won’t confuse the target users. To sustain their prominence in a competitive market, brands will now start to leverage the true essence of minimalism.

2. Experimental Streak

Post–pandemic market situations have made the consumers ready for a spectrum of design experiments you have at your disposal. The sheer conceptualization of various social media marketing designs has its limitations. But video editing services and other facets of brand promotion can utilise design experiments so you stand out in the market.

Design experiments offer a break from traditional homogeneity. This way, you have a broad scope for defining the scalability of your business using a mix of shapes, patterns, colour palettes, etc. One of the key design trends of 2022 is breaking the ice with bold designs that speak to viewers. It can also be described as an escape from the usual cookie-cutter templates. Some design professionals refer to this trend as the anti-design revolution.

3. Nostalgic Touch

No matter how much fun we make of the audacious fashion sense of the 80s and 90s, we still love the idea of assimilating a touch of nostalgia into our lives. Besides, consuming the patterns of the 90s into your existing designs is certainly the most efficient way to attract an average millennial. Famous TV shows and music videos are some great examples of what nostalgia can bring to the table. The latest design trends can somehow resurrect that warm and familiar feeling we sometimes miss.

If you concentrate on the best aspects of 90s designs, you will get to explore a wide selection of patterns that remind us of the initial years of the internet. Easy-looking emoticons, grainy textures, pixelated art, bright-coloured blocks, and Memphis design patterns are just some of those elements that can still make a difference. A nostalgic design theme is the best way to resonate with your target audiences.

4. Combo of Japanese and Scandinavian Designs

A fine amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian designs that highlights the magnificence of minimalism can now be used as an inspiration for designs. Most designers also recall this pattern as an evolution of conventional minimalism. However, it can be defined as a slightly different version of what you expect from the combination.

Instead, it includes the elements of nature that spur warmth and have a soothing impact on the viewers. This latest design trend of 2022 will be incorporated into lifestyle branding, creative website designs, packaging, etc. 

5. Digital Version of Ecology

Professionals who provide Video Editing Services and other graphics-related solutions have decided to embrace the different shades of ecology in their designs. For design professionals, this is a step towards sustainability rather than a mere choice. People will be drawn to the idea of going green with a whole new approach to digital designs and social media campaigns.

6. Mix of 2D and 3D

The key creative design trends of 2022 have carved a little space for every design variation. Interestingly, 2D and 3D are also those variations. 2D designs have been there since the beginning of time. 3D designs, on the contrary, took over the world by surprise. Now, imagine the best of both worlds coming on the same frame, but with a hint of the definitive colour palette.


There is an array of design trends in 2022 that professionals can pick and choose from and emulate in their works. It is the high time you try on new designs and give a new look to your market presence.